Year in Review 2019 – Looking for the good times, ignoring the hard times

As I look back on 2019, I have mixed emotions. We had some good times and we have had some hard times. This is my year in review of 2019.

Year in review

Year in review: Don’t let the hard times consume you

If you asked me 7 years ago if I was in a hard time would I make it out… The answer would have been NO. I would let the hard times consume me and bring me further down than they needed to. Since being with Mike, he would always assure me EVERYTHING WOULD BE FINE. Apart of me didn’t believe him.

Fast forward to now. We had a rough November and December. Mike’s work slowed down a lot and money became tight again. His company shut down for 2 weeks for the holidays from 12/20-1/6. That doesn’t help the money situation. On top of that, we found out 2 days before Christmas the owner of our home said she is selling her properties and she is only extending our lease for a few months to find something else. It was hard to enjoy the holidays when you know you have to move soon.

Have a meltdown, but pick yourself right back up

I did have a slight meltdown and freaked out a bit, but I only took 10 minutes and then continued on with my day. I think about it every day, but we’re making a plan. We are hustling to make some money to move while still pay our current bills. Just knowing I have Mike to fall back on really eases my mind.

Somehow, someway he always gets us through the hard times. He is never worried about anything and if he is, he hides it very well. In the end, just make a plan. It might not go exactly the way you laid it out, but at least you have a rough draft.

Working towards fewer hard times

The hard times just fuel us to work harder for the good times. We have had fewer hard times this year than in previous years. We have a goal and are working hard to make it happen. I have told Mike time and time again all I want for my life is to live a simple, financially stable life. I have never wanted anything fancy and will always spend more money on others than myself.

Over these past 7 years, I have come to welcome the hard times, I use it as motivation for when we get through it. So in later years, we can say “Hey, you remember that time where we didn’t know where our next meal was coming from?” “Yeah, that was hard times, but dang don’t we appreciate our kitchen full of food now.”

Remember more good times, than bad times.

Doing this Year in review I am trying to think back in 2019 and I can’t think of any other month we struggled other than November and December and that was only because we didn’t know Mike’s job would get mad slow in November and be closing down for 2 weeks for Christmas and New years.

I even asked Mike and he can’t think of anything. I call this year a win. There have been plenty of times where we made it to payday with only 10 bucks or less in our account. I don’t call that really struggling because we had food in the fridge, a roof over our head and all bills were paid.

Let’s review some good times that happened this year

January- We xplored nature A LOT.

Year in review - explore nature

February- Patriots won the Superbowl.

Patriots Superbowl 2019

March- Mikayla entered her first school talent show.

April- We went to Fusion Con and I made enemies with the Red Ranger.

Fusion Con 2019, Red Power Ranger

May- I made homemade bread.

Year in review - Homemade bread

June- I met Spider-Man.


July – Mike got a job a better job and I cut/dyed Mikayla’s hair for the first time.

August – I quit my job. (me after quitting my job, yes I sent a picture to Mike LOL)

Year in review - quitting my job

September- We met Johnny Scoville from YouTube.

year in review - Johnny Scoville


October – I took my first solo vacation and first plane ride! I hung out with my cousin and hurt my sciatic. (we won’t talk about that last part)

Year in review

November – We decorated for Christmas.

December – Was happy Christmas shopping was done in October and wrapped in November.

Year in review: Always look for the positive

Although some months were better than others, I can definitely appreciate something that happened in that month. I recorded a lot of things we did not post and I made a video on YouTube of our time over the year. If you want to check it out our video Year in review.

I couldn’t have asked for a better year and I really think it had to do with my self-improvement journey. I have been spreading my positive thinking and words of wisdom upon Mike. Keeping us both focused on the end goal. We are still doing our life audit every month that also helps us stay on track, but I kid you not I have been on a self-development kick.

That’s my Year in review of 2019. I hope you were entertained and I hope you guys enjoyed your 2019 and can find the happy moments in between the hard times and I wish nothing but the best for all you guys. 2020 should be better than you are hoping it is. I appreciate you all and will see you in the new year!

What does your Year in review look like? Let me know how things went this year for you.

Until next time, have a great day!


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