Figuring out

Hello Fellow Millennial! On a personal growth journey? Working on figuring out who you are as an adult? Me too! It’s tough learning how to love yourself as an adult.

Figuring out who you are as an adult

Have you ever just sat down and started thinking “What is my life?” Do I really like the stuff I like or what is pushed on me as a kid? You get into this really weird funk and question if you really know yourself.

I have been on a personal growth journey for 2 years and have been censoring myself on this blog. As most do who talk about their personal growth journey. You know what I am talking about… Only showing the shiny, bright bits of their life.

Figuring out

However, this is a turning point for me and this blog. That means a clean slate, That means a new YouTube Channel, and being more open on social media. (I share a lot on TikTok)But for the most part, I am ready to share what I have learned and what I still am learning.

For example, I am going into full detail about my shadow work and getting out of my comfort zone. As well as journaling. I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to show you by example. Showing you that putting the work in and being super uncomfortable with yourself really pays off.

It is time to start figuring out who we are!

Furthermore, At our age, we should be ready to let all that shit go. We should be able to talk about the things that really go on in our minds. I don’t know about you, but I am in that phase of my life where I need to figure out who I am. Most importantly, I need to figure out what I want out of life because every day I am questioning everything. It is time for us to work towards figuring out who we are as adults.

In other words… Let’s start figuring ALL this shit out!

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