Welcome to Our Redonkulous Life

Our Redonkulous Life

When I first started Our Redonkulous Life in 2019 my thoughts were I was just going to share our family adventures and the fun, crazy things we do for cheap entertainment in and around Florida.

I was trying to do all the things at once and let me tell you… It was not working out for me. It was very obvious that I knew this, but I also knew I HAD to make this work. I needed to realign myself and really focus on creating content that I knew I could relate to if someone else had written it. When I finally slowed down the writing about me and my family and I switch to writing content for YOU the readers.

Taking Our Redonkulous Life seriously

As I became more serious about making blogging my full-time job. I did everything in my power to make this blog grow and I am still working hard. When Our Redonkulous Life started to grow, I started to grow. Starting this site has changed my outlook on blogging and my life.

Don’t get me wrong I still write about my family, our adventures, and our real-life relatable situations, but I put first the self-improvement journey I have found myself taking. That is my sole purpose now of Our Redonkulous Life.

Doing things for myself

I started making time for myself and doing things just for myself and I wrote about them. Making improvements in my life, I wanted to share what I was doing with my readers. The mission for Our Redonkulous Life has always and will always be about inspiring people.

That’s what I have always wanted to do here from day one on this site. When you leave here I wanted you to be thinking about the things I have said and think about your life and what direction do you want your life to go in?

Our Redonkulous Life

I want you to relate to what I am saying, not just me TELLING you what to do. I want you to see all the things I am talking about unfold before your eyes.

Small town folks have dreams too

Someone from a rinky-dink town in Florida was working hard to get the life she deserved. Never in my life have I asked for much. I am a simple woman with a simple dream. I don’t take more than I need, but I try and give more than I have.

In many of my posts, I say message me if you need to talk or find me on my other social media so we can connect outside of this blog. That is not a joke. I want to be there for others because I know what it feels like to feel alone. To feel lonely or that no one cares.

When you are on my site I want you to know you are not an inconvenience or a burden. That what you say and feel matters. What you want for your life is important. You are my friends and friends don’t let friends feel low or unimportant.

Join me on this journey

Our Redonkulous Life helps you figure out what you want in life and helps you grow to get it.

I love you all and hope you stay to join me for the biggest adventure yet… getting the life we deserve.

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Until Next Time, Have a Good Day!