What is Our Redonkulous Life?

What is Our Redonkulous Life? You are probably asking yourself that question… This phrase came to me while trying to describe the things Mike, Mikayla and I do. (plus I heard redonkulous from the movie BOLT and loved it). Somehow, way, shape or form Mike and Mikayla take things from simple to complicated in 60 seconds. It’s not a bad thing. I just mean they can be EXTRA…I can be at times as well. We also can not forget my Step-Son Mikey. Although he is in Massachusetts when he is down, he participates in the shenanigans!

What-is-Our-Redonkulous-LifeDefinition of Redonkulous

For those of you who don’t know the slang term redonkulous refers to the meaning:

1. Significantly more absurd than ridiculous to an almost impossible extreme; without a possibility of serious consideration. (www.urbandictionary.com)

What is this blog about?

This blog has been a dream of mine in the making for a long time. Launching this year 2019, this blog will have a Facebook Page and Group as well as a Youtube Channel. Where we are will share all the fun things we do in Florida and other states we explore. This is a space for people who want to have more adventures with their family. Who want to create more memories and stories, rather than materialistic things. By doing things that are fun, cheap or free in their own states.

What are some of the things you do?

If you want to have more adventures with the family, but don’t have the budget or don’t know where to start.. tune in because we do things from seeing the weird and wonderful attractions Florida has to offer as well as other states we go to. We go thrifting to fulfill our nerdy sides and try new recipes and cook as a family, as well as trying weird food challenges. We make youtube videos of our adventures to inspire families to get out and do something rather than sit in front of screens. Not to say we don’t enjoy a good family movie night.

For us, we want the pictures and videos of the things we do to look back and appreciate that even though we didn’t have a lot of money, we still had a great time together.

What is the end game for Our Redonkulous Life?

All in all, I want this blog to be a community and a support group for those of us who live real lives, not a Pinterest picture or a reality TV show. It’s for those of us who work 40+ hours, houses are not clean every day, who argue with loved ones, who struggle to pay their bills, but want a place where they can vent and know they are not alone because sometimes that’s all we really need. We will talk about real things, besides family adventures. We will also explore parenting, finances, side hustles, and many other things.

So, please stick around and enjoy crazy stories, out of this world adventures and real-life problems, but most of all let’s embrace our redonkulous lives.