Our first time at the convention Fusion Con 2019

Gearing up for The Avengers: End Game coming out soon, Our little family heads out to our first Comic-Con. We wanted to hang out with like-minded people who shared the same love and affection as we do for anything nerdy. Especially anything that involves The Avengers. Even is the Avengers were not at Fusion Con.

Growing up I must have been living under a rock because I had never heard of a place where comic book enthusiasts meet up and share their love of these amazing stories. I was late to the game, but let me tell you though If I had heard about it, I’m sure my brother and I would have begged our mother to take us. Am I the only one who didn’t know about comic cons growing up? This weekend we enjoyed a family adventure at a local Comic-Con.

One thing that really brought Mike and I together is our love of all things “nerdy”. We both love video games, comics, Super Heroes, and pretty much anything that involves the sci-fi or multi-universe, especially The Avengers. We love them all and we raise Mikayla with all our nerdiness qualities. For years now we have been wanting to go to a comic con, but the prices seemed outrageous. Until Fusion Con…

The Avengers were not at Fusion Con

How did we find out about Fusion Con

A few weeks ago indulging in Mike’s slight obsession with Funko Pop’s we stumbled across this store ManCave Comics at the Oldsmar Flea Market. We ended up chatting with Robert. As we were buying our pop. He gave us a flier for Fusion Con and said that we should come to check it out. We couldn’t say no to a family Adventure at a Comic-Con.

For weeks Mike has been a giddy little school girl waiting patiently for April 13th to come. So we could check out Fusion Con. He kept saying how he was going to wear his Spider-Man costume. (Yes, he has a full Spider-Man Suit) The price was right for us to go and it was local in Pasco County. Right here in New Port Richey, we were able to go to our first comic con. It was 10 dollars for adults and 5 for kids.

Ghostbusters at Comic-Con

Fusion Con has arrived

Finally, the day arrived and we couldn’t have been more excited. Mikayla had no idea what we were doing. We just had her dress in her Wonder Woman shirt that had an attachable cape. I wore my Marvel universe shirt in preparation for Avengers: End Game coming out and Mike ultimately decided to just go with his Superman jersey. He said it was too hot to wear the Spider-Man costume but instantly regretted it when arriving at Fusion Con.

It was being held at the New Port Richey Recreation and Aquatic Center. It wasn’t a big convention of sorts, but it was good for our first one. Upon arriving we noticed right out front was 2 cars decked out as vehicles from Ghostbusters. As we walked up closer they looked even more amazing.

Ghostbusters at Comic-Con

Exploring Fusion Con our local Comic-Con

As we walk in they just new by our shirts we were there for Fusion Con. They then directed us down the hall. After paying for our wristbands. We were filled with excitement to walk down the isles of comics, pops, and handmade products. Most of all seeing the artists who helped create the wonderful stories we have enjoyed for so many years.

Kilo Reno Star Wars

After explaining to Mikayla what a Comic-Con was and also explaining The Avengers were not at the Comic-Con. She was still so excited to be there. You could see she had her eye on getting some new comics.

Most of all getting her picture with Kilo Ren from Star Wars. We walked around exploring everything that these vendors had to offer. We ended up running into Mikayla’s best friend Genevieve. Chatted with her and her family for a bit then continued down the isles of pops galore.

Exploring Fusion Con

Man Cave Toys at Fusion Con

We made it to Robert’s booth and after buying Mikayla some new comics to read. We ended up chatting about the new inventory he got. It was a Harley Quinn Pop Bombshell Edition. Mikayla was in love. He then proceeded to tell us they make a car now for that series. Mikayla and I now know what we are going to save our money for.

Fusion Con

He is no Avenger, thank god!

We made our way to the table of Mike O’Laskey. For those of you don’t know who he is. He was the Original Red Ranger from the show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. We were standing there at his booth, while he was talking to someone else, explaining to Mikayla who he was.

He turns to us and says “Hey, How are you guys?” We said, “We’re Fine, just schoolin our daughter on who the Original Red Ranger is…” He laughed and said, “Oh, schoolin?”. As he turned away he had this look of disgusts on his face like “She doesn’t know who I am”.

I don’t know if that’s how he meant it, but that’s how we took it, so we just walked away.

Red Ranger at Fusion Con
Didn’t realize it but I got the Red Ranger in the background of the selfie with Mike

The Epic Fail

There were a lot more things to experience here, but I couldn’t capture it all. I can’t recommend enough for people to check out their local Comic-Cons, especially if you are a lover like we are. Even though The Avengers were not at Fusion Con. It was a great family adventure to experience our first Comic-Con together.

The last place we walked by was this artist that made us stopped in our tracks because he had drawn a picture of “Alpha” and “Beta” from “The Walking Dead”. I wanted it to take a picture of them, but it felt rude to ask if we weren’t buying the pictures. We are huge fans of the show.

We discussed what was happening in season 9 of The Walking Dead how what had happened on the show and how it is different than what happened in the comics.

As I walked away, it hit me that I was just talking with Rick Magyar. He is an inker and has worked on many of our favorite comics, such as X-Men, Exiles, and Thing. I was speaking to a legend and didn’t even know it. (EPIC FAIL)

Rick Magyar at Fusion Con
Photo from Phoenix Comic Fest

The Avengers were not at Fusion Con, but we still checked it out

We are already looking forward to going to MegacCon Orlando happening next month and if you know me you know what a fangirl scream I let out finding out DAVID “FREAKIN” TENNANT is going to be there. He is my favorite Doctor from Doctor Who. Also, Billie Piper and John Barrowman are going to be there as well. They are my 2nd and 3rd favorite actors from Doctor Who. I would love to see Doctor Who right up there with The Avengers at a Comic-Con.

Photo from Radio Times

The only downside of Comic-Con

The only downside of these family adventures to Comic-Cons is that you are paying to get in which is only 20 dollars, which isn’t bad. However, you then have to pay an arm an a leg to get a picture or autograph with your favorite actor.

Mike said to me “We have to go so he can sign your pop”. Although that would be amazing, some of these prices are downright outrageous. David Tennant is 110 dollars for a picture, 100 for just an autograph. Could you imagine what it would cost for The Avengers at Comic-Con?

As much as I love these actors and what they do, I simply can’t afford to pay that. That right there is my cellphone bill. I know it’s not the actors, artist, or the Comic-Con’s fault for the pricing.

However, it just sucks that you are so close to the actor who plays your favorite character. Knowing you may not be able to afford to have something from them, but I declined Mike’s offer of getting it signed.

Even if I just pay to get in and walk around, it’s definitely still worth it. At least I’ll have the memories of how Doctor Who made me feel and to say I was in the same room as my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd favorite actors!

Let me know if you have or would ever go on a family adventure to a Comic-Con and who would you love to be there… You know mine Doctor Who and The Avengers at Fusion Con would be epic. Let’s continue this discussion over on our Facebook page

Until Next Time, Have a Great Day!

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  1. michelle elliott says: Reply

    Have never been to Comic-con but have family and friends that love it. Thanks for your post!

    1. Thanks for sharing about this event. I’ve never attended one before. I’d love to take my nieces & nephews!

      1. Shar, I highly, highly recommended. It was so much fun to see everyones costumes and take pictures with them.

    2. Michelle, Thanks for Commenting! I definitely recommend checking it out. It was so much fun watching Mikayla’s face light up at every turn we made.

  2. Oh man I have never been into Avengers but my boyfriend is begging me to go to the new movie with him! i will have to see what all the hype is about 😉 your family is adorable!


    1. Oh man I cant wait for the new movie to come out! We are doing a Marvel Marathon before it comes out. Thanks I think they are prettt cute too! Lol

  3. I’ve never been to a comicon, but I really want to sometime! Thanks for sharing your experience! It still looks like fun though…

    1. Yeah it was a good first experience. I cant wait for Magacon in Orlando. Definitely check one out and let me know how it went.

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