Why I quit my job to pursue blogging full time

This was one of the hardest decisions in my life. I have only done this one other time in my life. However, I never actually had to tell someone I was quitting. The first time I stopped going to work. I was just so mentally and emotionally exhausted.

Why I quit my job to pursue blogging full time

On the contrary, I know, I was not very professional, but it was a long time coming. Still, I am not one to give up, I will stick things out even if they are bad or until I am fired. This is why I had to quit my job… Because when should I put my health before an obligation to a job?

Back in the day

Growing up I had a bad work ethic. I didn’t care about any job I had, I was there for the paycheck. Doing half-ass the work and skate by doing the least amount of work. This is why I fired so many times before. Although, it wasn’t until I left the abusive relationship I was in. I found myself a new job that I kicked my butt into high gear.

Finding a job I loved

I loved working at the hotel. I did everything I could for that hotel. The owner taught me a lot of things. I became his right-hand woman, his pit bull. I did what I had to do there to get the results the owner wanted. We had families living there full time and If he said kick a family out for non-payment. To do this, I would receive a lot of hate for doing what he asked.

I am not a pit bull

Loving my job, but I realized that I didn’t want to keep being the pit bull. I got so much hate for doing my job. At the same time the owner going back on what he said when the customer would confront him. So it made me look like an ass. I have so many stories that happened at the hotel. If you wanna hear about them let me know in the comments.

Four years down the drain

Anyways, after working there for 4 years and being the owner’s right-hand woman. I still didn’t have the title of front desk manager. Although, I did payroll, made the schedules for the front desk and housekeeping. I would bartender at the same time I would be running the front desk on my shift. I kept immaculate records of the renovations and what rooms were missing what.

Mike was even working there and we were like the relationship goals of the hotel. We work so well together. After 4 years of working there, the owner finally took a vacation. He put his son in charge.

When daddy is away

Within a day of his father leaving he said he wanted to move me to housekeeping.

While his father was gone, He wanted me to whip them into shape and get them on a schedule so rooms would get done faster. In exchange for going to housekeeping, He said he would give me a raise and I would still get my 40 hours a week. I agreed because I wanted the raise.


Realizing where I fucked up

Because of that deal, I screwed myself. That first week in housekeeping I got them to get the rooms done quickly as he asked. Every day he would send us home early. Even though I would ask to stay to get other things done. It was a no from him. That first week I got 15 hours. Nevertheless, I was furious because I didn’t get my raise nor my 40 hours as promised. Besides, I then realized what he was doing.

It was just a game

He wanted me out so his friend could be in charge of the front desk/housekeeping. The same friend who told lies to the owner about me. He would steal my thumb drive and tell the owners I was stealing credit card information. So many times I had to tell the owner to get my thumb drive back from the asshole and to look what’s on it. It was work schedules, room inventory lists, and homework because I was still in college at the time.

Leaving my first job

I spoke with Mike and said I wanted out. Mike had 2 jobs at the time and said quit. So, that second week I didn’t show up. The third week I didn’t show up. In the middle of the fourth week, the owner’s son texted me and asked where had I been he hadn’t seen me in a couple of days. Mind you guys it had been about 3 weeks. I didn’t answer. A couple of days later he called me to fix something at the front desk. Replying back to him saying I don’t work there anymore.

Should have waited for the owner

I felt bad I quit while the owner was away, but I knew what was going to happen with the asshole being the “boss”. He already made my life hell while there, now I would have to listen to him. Nah… I’m good. I love the owner and his wife. They treated me and Mike as if we were family-ish. We learned so much about work ethics and how to hand complaints and not take it personally. They helped us grow.

Favoritism and Nepotism

I know this has nothing to do with the title of the post, but I wanted you guys to see what type of person I was/ is now. I don’t treat jobs as just jobs, I see myself at these companies for years to come. But, when you don’t get the recognition you deserve it’s a little hard to stay. It’s hard to stay when you are constantly being told what you do wrong, not followed by what was done right. There are so much favoritism and nepotism, you finally realize you won’t move up in the company.

It was all too much

I had to quit my job for my mental and physical health. Being told constantly what I did wrong or said wrong. Then getting attitudes from other employees. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians. When you tell the supervisor what is happening and you get in trouble. Not the person you are talking about, YOU get in trouble. It makes you stop believing in the workplace, especially in management.

Don’t mess with my money

I was told when I was hired that we get bonuses if you do your calls correctly. I just received a bonus at the end of June 2019. Wanna know when I got a bonus before that?? June of last year before we went on vacation. I kept asking the supervisor why I wasn’t getting my bonus and I was not getting a reply.

Finally in February of this year 2019, 9 months after my last bonus. I had a meeting with the owner for my annual review. I was told the reason for not getting my bonus was because I didn’t verify the information given to me by hospitals.

Where was my training?

Mind you I have been here for almost 2 years now and have never once be trained to do that. The whole office didn’t do it, but they were still getting their bonuses. I missed out on 1000 dollars, because of something I WAS NEVER TRAINED TO DO…

So instead of my direct supervisor telling me that when I got back from vacation when I asked her about it. She waited for 9 months for the owner to tell me. As nice as the money is, its not the main reason why I had to quit my job.

The Blame Game

Explaining that there were so many mistakes on accounts. As well as information not put in, people not reading and making mistakes… I explained to management that I had to fix all the problems since THEY made ME the team lead. In my explanation of what was happening, I got reprimanded. Me… The one who is bringing issues to your attention.

I get in trouble.

That right there is when I knew I had to go. I have been at this company for over 2 years and the people I work with still don’t like me. So they would pawn off the work they didn’t want to do on me. I was in love with this job, so I would do it all no questions asked, but soon realized what they were doing. Although we are a company it was every man for themselves.

When your boss is oblivious

My boss did come to me a few days before I quit to ask me what was up. She was getting the feeling I didn’t want to be there anymore. Which she was right. Then She proceeded to tell me that with all my health issues I was having. She knows how hard it is to want to work when life was throwing me curveballs.

Medical history should not be brought up

She brought up my PCOS and my problems with infertility. Which pissed me off. She blamed the issues I was having. Saying it was the reason I did not want to work there anymore. Not once did she ask if it had something with the company. Which pissed me off even more. What boss does that?


Seeing what’s right in front of you

When I realized that….my mindset switched from love to annoyance. I no longer wanted to work. It was only being done because I needed the money. I am always a firm believer in we all have to do things we don’t want to do. So even though I didn’t want to do work, I still did it and I did it how they trained me.

This may seem like one big rant, like “oh poor me my job sucks” I mean in reality it is. I am complaining. My main goal though is to share with you guys when is it time to leave. When do you do it for your sanity/well being and not stay because of obligation?

It’s not easy to up a quit

I know everyone doesn’t have the means to up and quit their job as I did. What makes it the scariest and hardest decision of my life is that Mike recently started a new job. He hadn’t even got his first paycheck yet. His bosses told him he may not be able to stay on as a supervisor since he has not had his advanced training. However, he is going today for training if he passes he stays if he doesn’t we don’t know what will happen.

Mike could see how unhappy I was when I would get physically sick before my shift. Nauseous, fatigued, and anxious to the point I would cry. It happened every shift. Even if I was in a good mood all day, as soon as it got close to my shift I would get sick. To me, when it starts to get physical and you are mentally breaking down. Its time to go even if you have no plan.


Obligations come before health

When does obligation go out the window and people put themselves first? To me, it is crazy that we risk our health and mental well being for money. That is what held me back from quitting sooner. I felt bad putting all the financial responsibility on Mike. Even though he encouraged me to quit my job if I wasn’t happy. I thought it would feel weird to depend on him. Even though we depend on each other for everything in this relationship.

I was hoping that this was just a phase. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to quit my job. That if I took a little break, coming back I would feel better. The more I thought about it. The more I realized if it has not changed in the last 2 years why would a little break make me feel better. It wouldn’t. So I needed to take the eternal vacation. Leaving and not coming back.

Instant relief

As soon as my boss responded to me and said she would accept my formal resignation. I felt nausea and anxiousness go away. It was immediately. I finished my shift and called it quits. I haven’t looked back. Its the first time in a long time I felt normal. I was in shock but felt good, I can’t believe I quit my job.

I told Mike to give me a month or 2 to work on my blog and our Youtube Channel. Please give me time to work on getting some content out and work out the kinks. However, If this all works about in my favor then I will continue on this path with 100% force. If it doesn’t work out then I will look for a job, because it’s not fair for everything to fall on him. Although, he tells me to take my time no rush.

Failure is not an option

Additionally, this is going to work out because failure is not an option. There is always a way to get better and find a way that works for you. It’s not failing it is rerouting. Failure will not happen!

I know this isn’t helpful information. Although this is not a list of “10 ways to quit your job and solve all your problems” because it is not that easy. I know life gets in the way. but if you are not physically well to do your job and you dread going. Start looking for another one. Take a risk. You never know where you will end up.


Live your dreams and be happy

I appreciate the therapy session. I needed to get this off of my chest. Let me know in the comments if you have ever quit a job and was it better or worse for your situation?

Until next time, have a good day!

Why I quit my job to pursue blogging full time

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  1. Your health is always more important! Hope your doing better (:

    1. Thank you I am. As soon as my supervisor said she accepted my resignation I felt 100 times better. All my fears and anxieties went away.

  2. Half of your story feels so familiar because I was in the same shoes a while ago. I worked at a hotel as well, I was there from the beginning and got to be the manager. I did reception shifts, accountants, overlooking the maintenance and housekeeping. But things changed and when the other owner asked me to do night shifts and brought in other people, I quit. It’s so hard when your work is not appreciated.

    1. Im sorry to hear that. It does suck when you are under appreciated. It lowers employee moral. I do appreciate my fiance encouraging me to quit and persue my passion of blogging. I have never been happier.

  3. Chloe Arnold says: Reply

    Glad to hear you put your health first

    1. Me too. I felt guilty for a couple of hours then i got over it. Lol

  4. I was in your place a few times, as well. In the end, I’d look for something else, then move on. I quit my last job in December to move to do remote jobs online. I don’t have constant earnings, but it’s getting better 🙂

    1. Im gonna take a break for a while. Its a decision my fiance and I came to together. He makes enough money to support us. Im gonna focus on my blog and getting content out.

  5. Making sure that you’re mental and physical well-being are in check is super important. I know what it’s like to not put those things first, and it created a lot of turmoil in the end for me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing that journey 💕. Always take care of self 💪🏽.

    With love,

  7. Health is really important. It’s like a lifetime investment too and a treasure we should always cherish. Finding and landing a particular job is also another factor why we are healthy or unhealthy, physically and even mentally.

  8. Health is wealth they say… Yeah quit your job if it’s more toxic than a cyanide laced coke.

  9. I could totally get why you had to quit your job but if in the end, it makes you happy, then I am glad that you are one step closer to being happy and healthy in your life

  10. No one deserves to be in a toxic environment. You were brave and moved on. Good for you for taking care of yourself.

  11. Hey,
    Thanks for the awesome post.
    I was wondering to know the things and I got the proper answer here.

    Aashirvad Kumar

  12. DO not overwork my friend, health comes first as always. Thank you for reminding us thru this excellent information.

  13. I quit my corporate job a few years ago because it made me feel stuck like I wasn’t growing or learning anymore. There were also times that I felt weak/sick because I work night shifts. I run a business now and I couldn’t be happier. Jobs are every where and we can always find one (or even start a business) but with heath, we only have 1 life and we should take good care of our well-being. Thank you for this post!

  14. Hope you’re feeling better! I, too, have PCOS!

  15. health, be it physical or mental, should always be a priority. quiting a job will surely drain one’s pocket but along the way, there will always be answer to all our prayers and needs.

  16. I am so glad you did what’s best for you!!! A lot of people don’t and that makes me sad!

  17. Katie-louise says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your journey 🙂

  18. I have done this too. A break of a year or so is best for mental health.

  19. Health comes first! Before anything… A healthy person can do many things! You have taken the best decision. Take care.

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    with many valuable information. I want to share how I managed to get
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