Social Distancing – How to be productive while at home

Social distancing got you down…

There are many reasons you may find yourself stuck inside for a while. It may seem fun at first to be housebound. However, soon after you could find yourself unsure of what to do since you are not used to be home for this long. You become bored very easily, whether it is because of a common cold, being grounded or more serious like social distancing due to the coronavirus, I hope these tips help you fight the “I’m Bored” blues.

Get Out Of Bed

This may not seem like a big deal, but not staying in bed all day can boost your mood drastically. Especially when I get out of bed and make it. I feel more productive and find it easier to get things done. Just walking by the room and seeing the bed made just sparks some kind of feelings that motivates me.

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Get Dressed

Once out of bed… get dressed. Might as well… you are probably still in your room making the bed. I know just from working from home getting dressed gives me a sense of “I am going to do something”, but not really. Just being dressed let me know that its work time. Now I get dressed in workout clothes to remind me to go out and be active.

Make a Morning Routine

It may be deep cleaning a room in the house, writing a blog post, taking videos, coming up with content. Whatever I want to get done it goes on the list. It’s a guide to keeping you busy.

Plan Out Your Day

I use my morning routine to plan out my day. I make my coffee, turn on youtube (music, motivational/productivity videos, podcasts, or just some trash videos) I grab my notebook and a pen and make a list of things I would like to get done. I take an hour or 2 just to relax in the morning.

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While you are cleaning why not find some things to get rid of. Declutter that kitchen drawer you have always been meaning to do. Clean out all of the clothes you don’t wear, the kids toys all the cluttered areas in your house that you are just tired of looking at.

Clean Your House

I pick one room a day to deep clean from top to bottom. Within a few days, I have all the rooms clean. I am sure going back and forth to work and making plans on the weekends doesn’t leave much time for deep cleans. Check out my post on 10 ways to motivate you to clean when you don’t feel like it. Take this time as a life reset.

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Create a New Habit

Take this time to create new habits that can help your life in some way. Waking up an hour earlier than normal, creating a morning schedule, preparing the things you need for the next day, cooking at home more (you should be anyways, lol) Create a habit that makes your life a little bit easier.

I have been wanting to start walking more and move my body for 30 minutes or more a day. The kiddo and I have been making it a morning or afternoon thing we do together to get out of the house. I will continue this after she goes home, but it has been wonderful having this time to hang out and talk with her without the TV or cellphone interrupting.

Personal hygiene

I have to keep reminding my kid to take a shower. Just because you are on spring break and we are social distancing ourselves doesn’t mean you don’t shower or use deodorant. Be considerate of the other people in your home and take care of your body. Also, don’t waste toilet paper.

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Learn Something New

Youtube has a lot of tutorials on things you wouldn’t normally think of. Find one on something you wanted to learn to do. I signed up with Skillshare for 2 free months and I am learning about how to write better and taking some courses on blogging. My favorite course so far has been one about self-improvement. If you have read my blog before I am on a self-improvement journey. Take this time while being socially distant to better yourself and learn a new skill.

Here is my Skillshare affiliate link if you are interest.

Be creative with your meals

We all the grocery stores are becoming bare, get creative with what you have at home. I remember one time we ramen noodles, hot sauce, chicken and a can of pineapple chunks. We diced up the chicken marinated it in the hot sauce and pineapple juice. After we cooked the chicken we made the ramen soup add the chicken and some pineapple chunks and *VIOLA* A sweet and spicy chicken ramen. It was pretty good might I add.

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Self Care

Self Care can be considered whatever you want. Taking a bath, doing all the girlie things, face mask, relaxing watching Netflix. Just take some time for your self and what you want to do. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could just be washing your hands. LOL JK but seriously wash yo hands!

Be active

Just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stay in the house 24/7. The kiddo and I have been making it a morning or afternoon thing we do together to get out of the house. We have even walked to the store as a family to buy chili powder and walk back home. It has been really nice walking as a family, just talking and having a good time. I will continue this after she goes home, but it has been wonderful having this time to hang out and talk with her without the TV or cellphone interrupting. Hopefully, Mike will join me if not, I will use it as self-care time and listen to a podcast or something.

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Do something you have always wanted to do

Take this free time you have as a sign to start that one thing you have been wanting to do but say you never have time for. Could be starting a Youtube channel, writing a blog, building something with your hands. Whatever it is take this time and take a leap of faith. Who knows this may be something you will continue with after all this blows over.

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Find a new hobby

This weekend we are trying something we have never done before. We are making bagels. In our household, we have been talking about it for weeks, but we haven’t had the kid. We wanted her to be here for it. It has been a hobby of ours for a bit now to make our own bread. I will have an updated blog post about that. Since my first time didn’t go so well. You can read about that here.

Check-in on friends and family.

Most of all if you are distancing yourself from others at least call them. I hear of many people not being able to go see family because there are older people in the home who are at a higher risk of getting the coronavirus. This has to be the part I dislike the most about social distancing is that we are all having to separate from our families.

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I hope you all found some of this useful while you are at home. It is a stressful situation for all right now. I am sending good vibes to you and your families. We will get through this and come out stronger on the other side. Please practice social distancing, stay safe and remember to sing a song while you are washing your hands. 20 seconds people!

Until next time, have a great day!

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30 thoughts on “Social Distancing – How to be productive while at home

  1. Yes, girl! I’m a stay-at-home mom, so not much has changed with us, but enough has changed that we’ve had to do a lot of these to keep our mindset right throughout the day!

    1. We have had my stepdaughter since spring break started. We had to figure out somethings because she was getting so bored in the house. We started going a little bonkers. Everyone’s houses should be immaculate by the time this distancing is over with LOL.

    1. Getting dressed just changes my mindset of its not a “lay on the couch kind of day”, which I am not opposed to. I just want to clean, declutter and get everything organized.

  2. These are all great tips to do during this time! But part of the appeal of staying home is not needing to get dressed and put on make up lol

    1. Whoa whoa whoa… Ting who said anything about makeup… That is taking it too far! LOL You don’t need to do it. For myself, just getting dressed changes my mindset from lazy day on the couch to I am going to clean and organize and get ish done around the house.

  3. Great article.
    It is so useful in this period. After a few days at home, everything will be normal… Just matter of time.

  4. I have been making sure to stay as close to my regular routine as possible ! That includes cooking, cleaning, and even getting some work done.

  5. These are really useful tips especially at this self isolation phase. It has become so hard and I agree following these tips things become a lot easier.

    1. I am normally home during the week, so it hasn’t changed much for me. The weekends, however, were my time to get out and go do something. Now that I cant and I am just trying to keep myself sane.

  6. yeah!! am also posted about my post about not biring & exciting while #stayhome, do check out mine. Am gonna add check in with friends & cooking to my list 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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