Personal growth is not one size fits all

This is a slight rant, but I think it is something that everybody needs to read. Especially, if they are starting a personal growth journey or you are already working on yourself.

Personal growth

There are a few things I have been seeing within the personal growth community. I always want to be completely honest with anyone who stumbles across my blog or anyone else’s. With that being said I want to explain why personal growth is not one size fits all.

Personal growth is not one size fits all

I try with every piece that I write about personal growth that not everything I write about works for everyone. It just happens to be the way that I did it and saw results. But what worked for me may not work for Tom, Dick, and Harry.


Because of my problems and the things I am working on. Those things will be different from you, and you are different from them. Personal growth is supposed to be about growing as a person, not growing to be like me or anyone else.

Any post you read about personal growth, please for the love of all things holy! Do not make it the end all be all. Anything you read from Our Redonkulous Life is to be taken with a grain of salt.

All I hope from my posts is to inspire you to think differently and possibly find me funny. All the while finding tidbits of information that you could see yourself applying to your life. If it doesn’t work, that’s okay its not a big deal.

personal growth

Look on the bright side

Somehow all of a sudden when you decide to work on yourself. It’s magically engrained in you that you have to be positive all the time.

We are made to feel that in order for us to get anywhere in our journey. We are always supposed to look on the bright side or keep a positive mindset.

I hate to break it to you but if you are truly working on yourself… You need to realize personal growth is not one size fits all and that is okay.

Life is messy and complicated. You can’t just ignore the things going on around you. I know you are not a robot and neither am I. Certain things make you feel certain emotions. You don’t always have to look on the bright side of a shitty situation.

Create your own rules and follow them

There is no rule book on what you can and can’t do while on a personal growth journey. It is perfectly fine for you to completely throw any blog post or self-help book out the effing window and do your own thing.

That is why it is called PERSONAL GROWTH. It is YOUR personal journey to growing as a human. As I said previously personal growth is not one size fits all. Read as much as you can and soak up all the information. Do not think for one second that you have to apply everything to your life. You can choose the bits and pieces that spark you in a way that might improve your life.

If at any point any information makes you feel less than. Like you are not doing as much as the next person. DROP IT. I SAID DROP IT. You do not need to read or support someone’s work if it makes you feel worse than when you started. Create your own rules and live your damn life.

personal growth

It is okay to have bad days

Life throws ya curve balls and kicks you while you are already down. We have all been there. It is 100% okay for you to have a shitty attitude. Feel your feelings for a few hours, a day, or a week. I feel that anything more than that is pushing that you will be stuck there. We don’t want to be stuck there in the shitty situation.

It is okay to feel your emotions and be sad, angry, or scared. Don’t let fear hold you back when you are done feeling your feels. I am always the firm believer in feeling your feelings. Once you are done and think about it without getting emotional. Figure out the lesson.

I don’t mean the lesson on how to never feel that way again. But the lesson to be better prepared if it happens again. Remember life is unpredictable. Its a rollercoaster of emotions. You are human.

You are better than other people

This one isn’t really from the personal growth community, but I thought it should be added.

I have been told by a few people because I am working on myself. I now present myself as if I better than others. To that all I have to say is:

No, honey, do not get that twisted. I am not better than anybody else. You just don’t like that I am seeing you for the first time. With a clear mind and clear eyes for the shitty person, you really are. That I am now realizing my worth and see how worthless you thought I was.

This may be a little all over the place, but some of these just really burnt my biscuits. These needed to be addressed because personal growth is not one size fits all!

What are something you like and don’t like about personal growth?

Until next time, Have a great day!

personal growth

40 thoughts on “Personal growth is not one size fits all

  1. It is okay to have bad days it’s not not to be okay sometimes rather than pretend fake smiles to feel okay personal growth it starts on how to accept your flaws to yourself love this topic.

    1. Everyone does. Just because there are 6 aspects of personal growth doesn’t mean you have to work on them all. You may succeed easier at some than you do at others. It is all about playing into your strengths or developing the strength to work towards what you want for your life.

  2. Personal growth is just that, personal. It is unique. It is not to be compared to anyone else’s growth, but the good thing is that when we grow, develop, and improve as individuals, it leads to the same as a community.

  3. A great post that really makes me think of the importance of mental health. Self growth is totally personal! Don’t let people try to tell you otherwise!

  4. I totally agree with all points you made as well. I also write about my personal growth journey in my blog. Even if i try to share what i learned to the readers, they can only get what applies to their current situation. At the end of the day, it was still from my own personal journey. Also , i think we should just be more honest with our feelings, because positivity won’t solve everything. Haha

  5. Good on you Michele, another great post. I’m glad you’re leaving negative people behind in your ongoing personal growth journey. So you should.

    I like what you said about feeling and having bad days. When things feel bad for me and it’s getting me down I allow myself to feel the feelings. And that takes away it’s power and gets me back to me quickly. Take care and have a good day.

    1. I agree, Karen. If you don’t allow yourself to feel those feelings you end up pushing them down and eventually you will explode over something small and insignificant.

  6. I agree to everything you said in this post! Personal growth is different for everyone and it does involve you identifying somethings that may not so good about yourself, It’s a continuous process. thanks for sharing

  7. I don’t like that personal growth takes time.. actually, it’s a lifelong journey that you have to embed into your journey. I wish it was just like a class you can take, master it, and know that you have completed that phase of your life.
    Thank you for this reminder though. It’s hard not to rush one’s personal growth journey at times.

    1. Not everything will work for everyone. You may be excelling in other areas and have other areas you need to work on. No shame in picking and choosing. This is the time you get to be selfish and decide what is best for you.

  8. hi
    this article does resonate with me, obviously, we all have our issues and they need customisation cure but the point that you mentioned that It is YOUR personal journey to growing as a human needs to be remembered and how we can use bits and pieces of the advice in our own context

  9. Well, it’s called personal growth for a reason: For the reason that everyone is different and has different needs and faces situations and issues differently. That’s the first to loving yourself is accepting yourself.

    1. 100% I agree with your statement. Once you learn to love yourself and accept yourself and all your flaws you can see your worth and what things may not be working in your life.

  10. I like the idea of personal growth, but like you, I feel that it is different for everybody. We can’t be positive and happy all the time. Finding out what works for you and learning from the past is personal growth.

    1. For those who only post positive things about being on a personal growth journey is not really working on their growth. They are still masking it in hopes if others believe it they will eventually believe it themselves.

  11. golden rule is,,its okay to have bad days…but never bring it into your work place..other wise every one gonna have their own bad days too.its like spreading a virus..just a reminder

    1. There is a time and a place to feel your feelings when having a bad day. Don’t shit on someone else’s day because you are having a bad day. It does spread like a virus.

  12. This is a strong post and it takes a strong person to not be focusing on what others think. Like you said though, it’s about personal growth, not what-other-people-think-of-you growth lol.

    Regarding people saying that you now act better than them, you’re right to ignore them. I get it all the time for being vegan but actually I’m the same person. I think they just feel bad because I’m a reminder to them for what they do to animals, just like you are a perfect reminder to them that they could be working so much harder on their personal growth. Well done you.

    1. I felt this a lot. We are just 2 people who are trying to do our part in this world and others always find some negativity in it and try to bring us down. Keep doing you Zoe.

  13. Life definitely throws curve balls at everyone so I love that you harp on the idea that Personal Growth is not a one size fits all type of idea! Everyone has their own dreams, their own goals, and their own bucket lists! So, no matter what your goal is, make it yours!

  14. The headline is spot on, it’s very personal and I don’t think anyone can simply give a definitive answer or a standard formula, it’s important to recap and review periodically. – Knycx Journeying

    1. It is a constant recap and review when you are on a personal growth journey. You are always learning about you, your wants and needs, and how to get the life you want.

  15. Personal growth is similar to success in which there is a definition, but there is no one way that it looks like. Just like success looks different for everyone, so does personal growth. It looks different, but it’s still similar. There are definitely patterns and similarities.

    1. I write about the subject and I am STILL learning and working on my plan to be the best version of myself, so I can get the life I want. It is a constant journey with endless possibilities. What I am looking for now, may not be what I want in a month or a year. We are always constantly growing.

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