How to find your word of the year right now

It’s a new year, a new you and a new word of the year! We have another 365 days to reflect on the previous year and work on the things you want to improve in your life. Have you ever picked a word of the year?

word of the year

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a word or 2 that could motivate you to do the things you set out to do? Have you ever had a word so powerful that it made you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

What is a word of the year?

If you have never heard of having a word of the year or you want a refresher… its a word or two that you choose to define your year. It is a constant reminder to create a positive change in your life.

This word or 2 that you choose to describe what you want to do in the coming year. Just saying the words you choose help you make decisions, pursue goals and most of all help you become the better version of yourself.

What are my words?

It is normally a word of the year, but it could also be words of the year. I, myself have chosen 2 words for this year. It can be any word or words you want. The words I chose are:


This year I am determined to make my business successful and determined to make more money. I am just determined all around. It is time to manifest all the things I want for my life this year. I am determined to make shit happen for myself.

And that right there is my mantra I say to myself every morning. Start the day off by saying “I am determined to make shit happen for myself”. I hear myself say that and I am instantly motivated to do the things I say I am going to do but never REALLY do.


I am like a million other women in this world who are insecure about certain things about themselves. There are not many things I am insecure about, because I am fine with my weight or my hair. What I am insecure about my teeth. I don’t have the best-looking teeth and it prevents me from making content. (I am working to fix them, but that shit is expensive)

This year I say I am determined and that includes pushing past my fears and creating things. Since the new year, and since starting a new journal for this year. I have made 4 YouTube videos about my themed journal layouts. 3 posted, 1 being edited as we speak. I am letting people who comment on my videos pick my next journal theme.

I am sucking it up and creating the content, creating the opportunities to make money, and just being creative to be creative. Using it as a source to not think and to just be.

That is a lot of power in 2 little words.

How to choose your word/words?

It takes a little bit more effort on your end to pick your word of the year. You need to be intentional with your choice. The words you choose are going to become your compass, your motivator, and part mirror to remind you of all the things you are going to do for yourself.

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Reflect on the past year

I know I have been. I wish I would have kept up with my journaling to have something more concrete to reflect on rather than my own memory. But by reflecting on the last year looking back at each aspect of your life you find this pattern of things that click into place.

There is about 10 different areas you can reflect on. Health, Family, Work, Homelife, Friendships, Spiritual, Recreation, Personal Growth, Community, and Financial.

By objectively looking at each of these areas you can see, think, or feel things that could be better.

Write those down.

Visualize the coming year

How do you see your new year going? Can you visualize all the successes you are going to have?

I have talked about before the power of manifestation and visualizing the life you want for yourself. All it takes is for you to start today. It’s time to break out the pen and paper and do that again!

Write down how you want your life to be. Write down EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. No matter how big or small.

Create a list

Now take a look at both of your lists. Are there words you seem to repeat either consciously or subconsciously? Have you written down statements that have similar underlying messages?

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From what I wrote on my sheet were similar things like:
“My time was spent making a lot of video content but I never posted it.”
“Spent the money on a new journal and never wrote in it because I found it a little boring”.
” I didn’t workout as much as I wanted to”.

The underlying message I get from those statements is that I needed determination to just do it. No more second-guessing myself. I needed to be determined to make the change. Everyday making that conscious decision to be better and do better for me. I am the only one who can make a change in my life. No one else has the power to do that.

Once you make that list you start to see a pattern in what you did last year and what you want for your life. Your word of the year are subconsciously there you just have to put in the work to find them.

Here’s a little help

If you need a little help thinking of some words here is some examples:

word of the year

Let them be seen

Once you find your word or words… print them out and post them where you can see them all day every day.

I have them taped to my wall above my desk. So when I get distracted and start looking around I will see them.

I also created a background for my phone again if I get distracted I see them. So far, I have either put my phone and did what I have to do or I checked what I needed to check and put my phone right back down. I say my little mantra to myself (“I am determined to make shit happen for myself”) and I instantly get motivated.

Take your time

It doesn’t have to happen overnight or in the first week of January. Take the time to reflect and really get to know what you want out of your year.

Don’t feel bad if the word doesn’t come to you sooner than you hoped. You know that saying “All good things come to those who wait”. So, just wait and stew on it. Eventually, it will come to you.

Until next time, have a great day!

word of the year

14 Replies to “How to find your word of the year right now”

  1. Your article is inspiring and helpful. It’s nice to have a word or two that kicks us in the gut, out of lethargy, to create something constructive. I’ll take a cue from the word “determined.”

    1. I love that word. Determined can mean so many things.

  2. I’ve never thought about picking out a word for the year, I will have to think on this myself and what I’d like. Great post!

    1. Think about it and come back to share your word!

  3. I love your list of suggestions. I am picking discipline. Last year I was lazy and relied on my vices. Now I need discipline for a healthy lifestyle!

    1. I know I could use some discipline, but knew I had to go with determined because I am determined to change my habits, my way of thinking, and determined to make shit happen.

  4. You have explained it really well and I have already found my word and phrase for this year!

    1. Congrats Monidipa!

  5. My friend asked this question to me recently, but she said to choose three and not just one. I chose: explore, creativity, and challenge. To challenge myself to do something new and be my better self, explore the world around me, and creativity or create new things.

    1. Aisasami I love this! I love that you chose challenge. It is awesome to challenge yourself every day.

  6. That’s an interesting idea and I love the two words that you have – I do think these two words somehow represents me as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing. – Knycx journeying

  7. This is so inspiring. I would say my word for 2021 is growth. Growth in all areas of my life! I love that you made me think so much about this!

    1. Aww, I am so glad you figured out your word. Growth is a great word of the year. It never hurts to grow throughout the year.

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