Traveling Plus Size

Let’s get deep for a min or so

One of my biggest fears of traveling on a plane for the first time wcas OMG the plane! The second fear was if I was going to fit in the seat. Which I am sure is many peoples fear when plus size. Why did I have this fear of traveling plus size?

Number Driven

I drove myself crazy with this number on Jet blue’s website which was their seats were 18 inches wide. 18 inches?? I know my butt and hips are wider than that. I got them birthing hips my mama loved to talk about.

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That number drove me bonkers for 30 days. I was measuring seats in my home and out in public to find something that was only 18 inches wide. I measured my hips and was really worried about getting on the plane and being told I was to fat to fly.

The fear is real

I really thought about canceling my flight, but it was non-refundable. I knew if I didn’t push myself out of my comfort zone I was never going to travel anywhere outside of my own vehicle.

Flying While Fat – Documentary Animation

I spent many nights talking to Mike about my fear and how I wish I was skinnier. For one night when I bought my ticket, I felt amazing, but because of this number, I was self-deprecating. Being skinnier wasn’t going to help, I have big hips to begin with. They won’t go away with the few inches I could lose if I lost weight.

When the number defines you

How could I let this number ruin my happiness? Why would I let it stop me from doing something I wanted to do?

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I started reading blog posts and watching videos about plus size travelers. I would comparing my body to theirs that if they could fit, I could too. It’s crippling to think that my fear was based on this stupid number.

Why is the traveling plus size an irrational fear?

This fear was so irrational because once I got on the plane and asked the flight attendant if I could have the seat belt extender, just in case. I walked through the aisle of the plane with easy except for the one broad shoulder man that I booty bumped because his shoulder was sticking out into the aisle.

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If you happen to be reading this I am sorry my broad hips hit your broad shoulders.

Other than that, I made it to my seat with no problem. Jetblue had all the armrests up making the seat look like the back seat of a car. I appreciated that. It made it easier to get to my seat.

Plenty of Legroom

I sat in my seat with ease, checked the seat belt to see if it would fit and it didn’t. I am glad I wasn’t ashamed to ask for the seat belt extender. It really did help.

I had plenty of legroom for a regular economy class seat. Enough to put my laptop on the side next to my leg and my backpack in between my legs. It also really did help that no one bought the seat next to me, just the aisle seat and we shared the middle seat.

Don’t let the fear of traveling plus size stop you

I don’t know why I let something so stupid get the best of me. Although I was so excited for my trip, in the back of my head was that little voice like “ you won’t fit, you will get kicked off the plane, there will be a scene” Which made me was scared. It’s ok for me to be traveling plus size.

I want to thank those who posted videos and wrote blog posts about flying while fat. Please check out their content and let them know Michele from Our Redonkulous Life sent you.

Chloe from Chloe In Curve
Sarah Rae Vargas
Jen from PlusMommy
Kristina from LivingWonderfilled

It’s these women right here who convinced me I was okay to travel plus size. I appreciate the confidence you have to show others that it is okay to be plus-size and it’s okay to not let it hold you back or define you. I got on my plane, got to New Jersey and I am ready to complete my Vacation Bucket List.

Please like and share this post if you found it helpful or you can relate to my fear. Let me know what your thoughts were when you started traveling plus size.

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