Self-discovery: Figuring out who I am as an adult

I have been in a little funk lately with my blog. Lately, I find myself getting easily overwhelmed with the maintenance of this blog and posting on social media. I am not having fun with it. Really it stemmed from not knowing what to post on social media being a personal growth blog. So I ended up choosing a new theme and redoing my homepage on here. Still had nothing to do with what I should post on social media but it gave me the idea. I ended up changing my tag line from “helping you grow to get the life you want”. To something about me, that I really needed to do “figuring out who I am as an adult”.

Figuring out who I am as an adult

Hopefully this makes sense… It does to me “kinda”!

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Let’s get real

I think this new tagline is really what this blog is about. I am writing all these posts every week because I think it’s what I should be doing. What ends up happening though is I make myself overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed I don’t want to do anything. That is not productive nor motivational… something I want to be in my life. Everyday!

Because of this thought process, I decided that because I am on a personal growth journey. I no longer want to post things “you should” be doing. I want to write about my experiences. How I grew up and what I have been through. Especially sharing what I am doing to help me grow as a person. I have been spending a lot of time questioning myself and my decisions. So why not start a series about figuring out who I am.

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Figuring out who I am

I have talked about this before in a different post about being unsure if I actually know who I am. It’s possible that everything in my life… is just a byproduct of someone else telling me I “should” or “shouldn’t” like it. I want to share a lot of what has happened or what is happening in my life. I need to spend my time figuring out who I am especially as an adult.

So from here on out every week, I will be talking about the things I am doing to better myself. Which I know sounds like what I am already doing. Which is true… Everything I write about is something I am doing. But I am writing it as if “YOU SHOULD” be doing it too. I don’t solve any problems or give my real-life experiences. I should have been doing that from the beginning. What I am writing on here should be matching up with what I am posting on social media.

This is my brain everyday!

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This is just me trying to streamline the process. Definitely making it easier for me to stay consistent and lessen the burden of being overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed with all the things “I THINK” I should be doing as a blogger. Then I basically spend days, weeks or months beating myself up for not being better.

Here is the plan

So here is the plan. I want to start using this blog as like a diary. We are going to get real and raw by talking about my childhood, being a teenager, an adult, my experiences, my dreams and what I am doing to become a better version of myself. Because I talked about doing shadow work, but never shared what I was working through.

In the next 2 weeks, I will be thinking of ideas to talk about, film for YouTube, Might even possibly restart my podcast up again… Then 2 weeks from now the new and improved Michele/Our Redonkulous Life is coming to spill all the tea. Because all I ever wanted for this blog was to inspire others. Maybe help people who might have or are in similar situations.

This is just a quick post I wrote to explain what is happening. I have one more “fluff” piece coming out because I wrote it before I went on vacation. It was to actually be posted today, but I chose to post this instead. So mark your calendars. APRIL 30, 2021 is when the shit show goes live. But for PG’s sake, I am calling it figuring out who I am as an adult.

Figuring out who I am as an adult

20 thoughts on “Self-discovery: Figuring out who I am as an adult

  1. Your journey is opposite mine, in the sense that, I began blogging in 2004 and it was rambling really. In 2009, I began writing in my 2nd blog, where I felt I was more aware of my own voice.

    The Things I Have to Say is a 3rd run now. It is still, more or less, a diary but I realized my life journey is a learning experience so I use my own story to hopefully reach out to readers who are going through the same struggles as myself.

    We are always trying to figure out who we are. One day we wake up and we see things in a different light, and that’s good.

    Good luckon your new journey!

  2. I am all for self discovery in depth and personal growth. Right now, I am on the steps to complete heal what has been hurting in me all this time. The journey is not short nor easy, but I am willing to trust the process.

    1. That is why I rebranded to Figuring out who I am as an adult. I am going through every significant event that has happened in my life. I want to talk about it, how it affected me and what I am doing to move past it.

  3. I really liked this post, there is something comforting to hear about another individual trying to speak the real deal instead of the glossy stuff that most write on blogs

  4. I think self-discovering is a continuing process. I don’t think you can finish finding yourself because when you are on the edge of doing so, you will find a new thing about yourself.

  5. You brought a thought-provoking insight and I am grateful for it. I think more people need to talk about self discovery and how it is useful.

  6. It is crucial to get to know one’s self aside from getting to know other people. And yes blogging and journaling is a good step since it can provide with a glimpse of your mindset at certain times of your life.

  7. Thanks for such a comforting post. I truly believe we are always in a journey for self discovery and personal growth.

    1. Never stop being a learner. I am constantly learning new things about myself, about books, about everything I come into contact with. Never stop learning!

  8. That is a great idea. Sometimes we just have to re-discover ourselves because we’re changing every day. And good luck with your YT & podcast. I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences.

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