Let’s talk about being on a personal growth journey

I post videos on my YouTube channel decorating my journal pages and talk about important topics that go along with the pages I am decorating or we just shoot the shit. So I wanted to share the transcript of the video and talk about being on a personal growth journey. or if you don’t want to read then I will put the video down at the end for you to check out.

a personal growth journey

Let’s do a little recap

Hey guys! Grab your favorite supplies and don’t forget a drink. We’re gonna get cozy decorating some pages and chat about what means to be on a personal growth journey.

I have a video on my channel of how I got my start on my personal growth journey. But we will do a little recap. 2 years ago I was fed up with how my life was going. Between my friends, family relationships, career even with myself. I was just so over everything.

I had been blogging on and off for YEARS, but never took it seriously. In February of 2019 I had this mental breakdown internally where I realized I had nothing. Yes, I was in a relationship, engaged with 2 stepkids, had a job making okay money, our own home that we rented, we did fun things as a family, bills were paid. But I michele had nothing.

I had no hobbies, no side hustles, nothing I could call my own or could use as a creative outlet. In the short version. I was a fiance, a stepmom, an employee, a sister. If you ever asked me to describe myself. That is 100% how I would have done it.

woman draw a light bulb in white board  a personal growth journey
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Having a revelation!

With this nagging feeling that I couldn’t shake for weeks. I thought to myself I should get back into blogging. I should share all the fun things we do as a family that is fun, cheap, or free. We live in Florida and when you think of Florida you think of theme parks, but we are so much more than that.

March 6, 2019, I was looking up self-hosting… because even though we had our bills paid we didn’t’ have a lot of money to spare for me to do this. I stumbled upon GoDaddy and for the year of self-hosting, a business email and a domain name is would have been less than 30 dollars to buy for the year. (it was a first-timer deal. It is nowhere near that price anymore now) I called Mike and asked him what I should do because I was doubting myself.

I was doubting if I could do this or not. If I could make this a job. Without hesitation Mike said do it. So I took the plunge and told him I had a year to figure out if I can/want to do this full time.

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Getting the confirmation

Once I got the confirmation I had butterflies in my stomach. I had something of my own and I was going to write all of this amazing shit. What I thought I was going to inspire people to explore on a budget with their families in their own hometowns or if they ever came to Florida.

I wrote about that for a while, but it was completely WRONG. What I did was take how I would describe myself to others and was writing about it. I still had nothing. Nothing that was about me and what kind of person I wanted to be. I was not writing about the topics I wanted to be known for.

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Finding myself

Something shifted finding myself wanting to be a better version of me, Michele. Not the fiance, the sister, the friend, the stopmom. If I bettered myself, I would be better at all of those automatically.

Something in me wanted more for myself and for my family. I just didn’t know there was a name for it. I didn’t know there was a name for wanting to better yourself. One day this video came up on my Youtube recommended that had to do with personal growth and it has gone up hill from there.

After watching that first video that is what I wanted to do. I wanted to work on myself inside out. I wanted to be the best version of myself and write about my experiences and the things I am doing to make a difference in my life.

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It was my time to shine

I now had something that was MINE. Nobody could help me do this, nobody could force me to do this. It was my little passion project. I knew what it was like not having people support me in wanting to start blogging. All the years I did it on and off, blogging, youtube, just being creative people thought it was stupid. I let them get the best of me, BUT NOT THIS TIME BITCHES.

I had to forget those who didn’t believe I could make something out of nothing and make this my life. Who would have thought inspiring others to go after the life they want while I was doing the same.

I know that was a long recap, but I am so fucking passionate about people wanting more for their life and I want to be there for people cheering them on from the side.

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All aboard the motivational train

Strap on your seat belt and grab the “oh shit” handle because we are about to go for a ride on the motivational train.

Let me take a sippy sippy of my drink and we will start this train started.

*Takes a sip* AHHHHHHH thanks Graveyard Girl.

I am making it my mission to be there for others and to motivate them. I have been trying to be nice about this and be this nice pretty pretty princess about this, but mamma bear is coming out.

Wish I had someone who did that for me growing up. No, I had being mediocre shoved down my throat. I lived like that for too long. We are not living that life anyone. Medeacracy who… we dont know her!

No one should live their life thinking that this is it. This is all life has to offer you work for someone else make them rich and live under the poverty line.

Not to say living your best life or being on a personal growth journey means you have to own your own business, owning your own business is not made for everyone. If it was we would all have a 1 man/woman business and would have no need for employees.

But being on a personal growth journey you start to learn your worth and not to take bullshit from others. You live a life that makes you happy, making the money you would like to be making living in an area you want to live in, and having enough money to do so.

 a personal growth journey

I am here for you

If nobody in your life is cheering you on for wanting to live up to worth that’s okay.

Nobody believes in you fine you come to my page on any of my social media, you leave a comment, a message even an email. I will answer you hyping your ass up. We fucking besties now. I got you.

I know what it’s like to not have anyone support you and I don’t want any other person to feel that way.

That is what it means to be on a personal growth journey. You have compassion for others, you find the deeper meaning to things, you don’t take things for granted, you learn to deal with stress and haters. You figure out what areas you need to work on and honey it is A fuckin okay if you have to work on all the areas.

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What we are going to discuss

That is was I am here for. I am going to show you and talk to you about the areas to work on Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social, and Educational. We have so many things to talk about and will discuss them as we decorate some journal pages If decorating journal pages is not your thing. Then just listen while you’re doing the dishes or folding laundry.

This is just an outlet for me to be creative show what I have made and not be on camera because I don’t want to do my fucking hair or make-up. I am home during a pandemic and I barely get dressed. You don’t need to see my face to get what I am saying. You can hear it in my voice. I am so fucking passionate about this.

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What it means to be on PGJ

What it means to be on a personal growth journey is never giving up when you know you are made for more.

Anyone who comes watches my videos or reads my blog will know that it is okay not to have your shit together, as long as you are working on getting your shit together. Even if you never get your shit together. You never lose the fight to want to be the better version of yourself.

Being on a personal growth journey is all about you. What you want for your life, how you want to live your life, how you want to be remembered, how you treat other people, and how they treat you. You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control how you respond to them. That is personal fucking growth.

snow wood love sign  a personal growth journey
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I apologize

I apologize for all the curse words but I like to think it emphasizes what I am saying. What I am doing is talking to you just like I would a friend who needs a match lit under their ass.

You want something different for your life. Let’s go, baby! If you want your life to stay the same that is fine, that is your decision, but don’t complain when you keep living the same day over and over till you die. Even the slightest change in your mindset, adding a little pep to your step, Saying something nice about yourself can open so many doors and opportunities for you that you never thought would happen.

Take then step, come to the dark side we have cookies and juice boxes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little motivational speech. I am here every Tuesday giving you the boost in confidence for you to go after the life you want. If you need a mid-week pick up just come back to this video and play it on repeat. I love you guys and…

Until next time, have a great day!

a personal growth journey

15 Replies to “Let’s talk about being on a personal growth journey”

  1. Your points are really good. Once you have figured out your goals and mission statement, you are able to pick and choose how you want to develop yourself to achieve these goals. … It will also give you more motivation to undertake the personal development journey as you will be able to see a clear end-goal.

    1. It really has helped a lot. I am still doing a lot of shadow work to work through trauma and other things I find myself having a hard time getting over.

  2. This is very inspiring, and thank you for willing to help others and be for them. That’s very nice of you.

    1. That is what I am here for.

  3. This has definitely inspired me to grow more personally!

  4. Blair Villanueva says: Reply

    There are times that we recon there is no point on doing what we do. But have patience, and take a break… even it is a long break. Coz taking your time is good for yourself, and for your output.

  5. What I’m doing is reading books, Nowadays, I’m reading the book of Nicollo Machiavelli. A good politician and inspiration. He helps me on my personal growth journey. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  6. This is beautiful. I’m so happy for you! I am also on a PGJ and I can say is to a lot of work… even when you’re resting, the mind and body are working. but it’s worth it. I love who I am today in ways I didn’t even recognize myself before and it only gets better with time and conscious effort.

    1. It is a lot of work as long as you put in the conscious effort. You don’t have to be perfect, that’s not what we want. You just need to be consistent and show up for yourself.

  7. personal growth is such a topic close to my heart and reading this really motivates me. Improving ourselves every day is the best thing we can do for ourselves

    1. Alita, I agree. Taking the time to get to know me and really evaluate everything has changed my life for the better.

  8. Time for yourself is so important. Many of sorry focused on being something for everyone else in their life, they do not give themselves time. When you rock you, you rule everything else.

    1. Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  9. I was the same way when I started my blog. I was scared to buy a domain, but I am glad I did. I actually paid it off already. But, blogging has made me confident and gave me goals.

    1. Me too. I love doing this full-time now.

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