How to express gratitude to others all the time

Hello all, happy holiday season! Can you believe we are already in freakin November?? I can’t. This year has flown by. November is the time of year where the words thankful and gratitude are thrown around. It doesn’t have to just be a November thing. You can express gratitude to others all the time.

express gratitude to others

Especially with how the world is right now… showing gratitude for those around you can brighten a person’s shitty 2020. You could be the highlight of their year. I want to share 10 things you can do to help your friends, family, or even strangers you come into contact with.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to express gratitude to others all the time.

Send Handwritten Letters

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I have started mailing letters and little trinkets back and forth with another blogger I met on Instagram. We both appreciate the handwritten letters or little stickers, keychains, or single tea packets we send each other.

It has brought us closer together over the past few months during the pandemic. I consider her one of my good friends. We talk almost every day on Facebook and never run out of things to talk about in our letters.

You don’t need to find a complete stranger to do this with. I spent many hours creating homemade birthday cards for my nephew, as well as my sister since they moved to South Carolina last year. It brings joy to my heart when I get that message or text that they received mail from me.

Writing a letter to someone you love is an easy, affordable way to express gratitude to others.

Give Geniune Compliments

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I may not know how to accept them, but I sure do love giving them. I give compliments to random people all day. Standing in line waiting to check out at the grocery store tell the girl in front of you that you love her outfit.

Tell a guy that he has a beautiful smile. Let him think you are hitting on him. You most likely may never see him again. But he might just remember the random person who told him he had “a beautiful smile” years from now. You might have just made his day.

Tip Well For Good Service

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This should be a no brainer. Service workers work their butt off. They don’t get paid as much as others do hourly because they get tips… if they get tips.

If I don’t have a lot of money but I decide I am going to go out to eat as a treat I will order something a little less expensive just so I can leave a good tip. Especially if I had really great service.

Leaving a good tip ensures that the person served after you also gets the same amazing service you just had. You are essentially paying it forward.

Good feelings all around!

Celebrate Small/Big Achievements

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I am supportive of any decisions my friends make and when I hear something is going their way I want to make sure they know to celebrate it. Be it big like getting the promotion or raise at work to something small like its day one of not drinking.

To some people one day of having the self-control to not do something you have done for so long doesn’t mean much, but when my friends or family, hell even strangers post its day one of something. I will always celebrate it with them and I will celebrate every day after that.

Make it known to your friends that you are there for them and no matter how small or insignificant they think something is and that no one would care… They can always come to me because they do not need to downplay amazing things that happen in their life ever.

Pay It Forward

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This happened to me and Mike at the beginning of the year at a Dunkin Donuts in Plant City. This absolutely made our day and wanted to keep the good feeling going, but there was no one behind us. Which is odd for a Dunkin Donuts… But we shared the sweet moment on Instagram.

That made us feel so good and we ended up paying for someone’s order at the gas station because they were short a few bucks. They can save their money.

Help A Stranger in Need

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Another great way to express gratitude to others is by helping a complete stranger. You see someone struggling and you help them any way you can. Getting something from the top shelf, listening to them tell you a story because they want someone to talk to, or giving a few bucks to help cover their order.

We all need help in one form or another. We are all just trying to survive especially 2020 and could use some good juju headed our way because we were dealt a shitty hand in life. Just be more empathetic to others.

Ask to speak to the Manager

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Don’t be a Karen… But Ask for their Supervisor or Manager when you have had an amazing service. Most Karen’s only want to speak to a manager when they have been wronged, but never when the service has been so above and beyond.

Ask to speak to the Manager and praise the hell out of that employee. It could be your voice that puts them in the running for a management position. Maybe with enough people praising they get a raise when it comes to their yearly review.

Just let them know how amazing they are and that their hard work is appreciated and then go let the manager know.

Make Them Their Favorite Food

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Nothing brings people closer together than the common love for food. Finding out someone’s favorite food can be so easy. It can be really easy if you are known for talking about food a lot.

I only do this with Mike and Mikayla but I would love to branch out to do it with my friends and other family members. It is really special when they only eat on special occasions or when they can afford it. You just made their night.

My idea is to find out my friends favorite meal and then one night just call them and say don’t worry about dinner I got it covered. Then drop off their meal and leave. I don’t need to eat it with them. You enjoy it all on your own unless you would be lonely then I’ll stay.

Show Interest

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It just makes me so happy when I am SUPER EXCITED about something but I think others will think it’s stupid, but someone comes up and asks me about it. Then I end up going on and on about it and they are just genuinely interested.

I have spoken about it before but giving someone your time means so much more than anything. It shows you are interested in them as a person and not what they could do for you. Giving your time makes genuine connections with people that are more than superficial.

Be There For Them

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Letting the people close to you know that they could come to you with anything they have weighing on their mind and you would no judge or interrupt.

Hell, I even do that with strangers. I speak to them as if I had known them for years and learn more about them in 10 minutes than I would normally need to know. It is all about connections and letting people know they are not alone.

What are somethings you would do or you do to express gratitude to others? Has one done any of these for you? How did it make you feel? Let’s inspire each other to be better to each other more than just the holiday season. When we express gratitude to others that is the best thing we can do for each other in this time of need.

Until Next Time, Have a Great Day!


49 thoughts on “How to express gratitude to others all the time

  1. I love all these points. I’m usually there for people even just by calling them or sending them a message to remind them that they are not alone especially when they are going through a tough time.
    I don’t know the last time I wrote a letter but it’s a great idea.

    1. Yeah, messaging and a phone call is great, but a handwritten letter just hits differently. You took time out of your day to think of this person and write a heart felt note to them.

  2. I really can’t believe we are in November already. As I like to say, it’s as if I blinked and 2020 was over just like that! This post made me emotional for some reason. I just keeping thinking about how hard 2020 has been and the importance of gratitude and kindness right now. We need to share the love and lift each other up now more than ever. I have never thought about speaking to the manager to remark on the great service you were given. I will for sure be doing that from now on. I am grateful for your blog. Happy holiday season!

  3. When I started practicing gratitude my life totally changed for the better, I felt it. I love it and I think gratitude is something we should give , great guide to allow it in your life

        1. Exactly. When my friend Stephanie’s mother passed away within a couple of days she got my little card I sent her about being such an amazing friend and that I was so glad we are long-distance buddies. It just came at the right time that she needed a pick me up. I was so joyful that I could do that for her.

  4. Expressing gratitude doesn’t hurt us, and will make us a better person. Our action will reaction a similar reaction to others.

  5. Gratitude is so important for your own mental health. These are some great ways to express gratitude. I keep a journal and acknowledge all the small and big achievements of mine.

  6. Yes, it’s hard to believe that this year is over – before it even started. Terrible!
    Anyway, your tips are great – and you totally got me with the ‘speaking to the manager’-part. I was like, what happened to Michelle now?! Fortunately, you clarified it in the very first sentence 😀 Good one!

  7. Oh I absolutely love this post! We all need to read this one in 2020 and remember to do those little things to do something nice for someone. I love the little celebrations, and to give genuine compliments. When I see something or think of something nice about a person in my head, Ir really try to not be shy lately and say it out loud. You never know what a lovely compliment could do for someone. Great post!

    1. At a job I had previously I only heard from the manager when I did something wrong, I never heard from her when I did something right. It just makes sense to praise someone for exceptional service.

  8. Love these ideas! I think getting a hand written note is so nice sometimes, and is something most people don’t do anymore because of technology.

  9. When I want to express gratitude or to say sorry to someone, i always go for their favorite food.
    Now after reading this article , I have some new tips .
    Thank for this amazing article!
    This was really a great read..

  10. Very interesting list Michele , I’ve realised being grateful can bring good feelings . I have this free app wherein you can request free stuff when someone posted something , I do send thank u card to show how I appreciate their good deeds. On the contrary, I received bunch of flowers from other people where I share surplus food that we collected from one of the supermarkets here in the U.K.

  11. These are some great, easy tips that anyone can do to make someone’s day. My husband and I like to tip well especially now when restaurants are hurting. I like the tip about speaking to the manager about great service. It really does make employees feel good to hear a compliment!

  12. Honestly, 2020 has just been straight BS ! It’s so hard to be grateful and find joy in anything but it’s important that you do because you are still much more fortunate than a lot of others, I love how you highlighted doing kind things for others like complimenting and tipping as a prt of this post.

  13. Gratitude changes everything! Showing gratitude is the best thing you can do because you never know whens the last time you may see someone.

  14. I am on into sending handwritten thank you notes! I know it sounds old fashion, but that’s how I show my gratitude and appreciation. The old school is still a lovely gesture!

  15. This is a lovely post and I think does the job it talks about! I’d love to receive a handwritten note from time to time. I think I’dd do that this weekend for my loved ones.

  16. showing gratitude to the people who are doing their job beyond expectation is very important,,it doesnt have to be in terms of money…smile is free say thank you with all your heart,arms on their shoulder that should be enough,it wont cost us a dime

    1. Of course, it doesn’t have to be money… especially if you can’t afford it. I understand its hard times right now. A smile, a compliment, elbow bump. Something to let them know that you see them and all that they are doing.

  17. Expressing gratitude is important as Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. People feel and express gratitude in multiple ways and your points are spot on!

  18. Showing interest and just being there for others can perhaps be one of the coolest ways to express gratitude to others! They say in sales that to really engage with your potential client, get them talking about themselves. Its true in life, most people want to share their story or even sometimes their pains in order to feel relief or find respite. So you can really show you care by just being there.

    1. You might just be the only person they have spoken to in days or weeks. I find myself overtalking/ sharing because I don’t talk to a lot of people. I don’t know anybody where I live except for my Fiance. So when someone generally shows interest in me I become a chatting cathy.

  19. First of all, let me say how grateful I am to continue reading your inspiring post. This year went flying, it was long and short at the same. I am going to take the time to express my gratitude to my loved ones.

  20. It’s important to take a moment every day to express gratitude. Not only to people, but to the universe and all things. Thank you for this inspiring post.

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