44 thoughts on “How to beat your case of imposter syndrome?

  1. Sometimes, I start doubting whether anyone will want to read my book or blog for that matter. I have some of each imposter tendency but I a more of a soloist myself I think. I don’t like asking for help (but I have gotten a lot better!)

    Good post!

  2. I guess, I dont possess any of the imposter syndromes. I don’t know but for every failure and mistakes I make, I just get up and face the consequence. That’s how I deal everything.

  3. Oh, I sometimes feel this way. So there’s a name for it. At least I’m on the right track when it comes to reminding myself of my positive traits when I’m suddenly gripped with self-doubt.

  4. I am glad you are going to be posting your video on YouTube. I have had a perfectionist streak that I am trying to eliminate as it stands in the way of progress!

    1. I never was a perfectionist… but somehow as I got older something shifted in me and I think if I work through all my crap I could get back to being a little bit more carefree.

  5. Hi Michele, I love stopping by your blog as most of what you post here is relatable. I had imposter syndrome when I was younger – Superwoman. I used to feel that my efforts aren’t enough even how hard I push myself. Self-doubt was truly my enemy back then. Until I started being kind to myself (and the pep talk), I was able to recover from it. Thank you so much for the reminder. ❤️

  6. Hey Michelle! Great blog and totally relatable. Since I hurt my knee I I feel like an imposter teaching fitness. On the up though as its healing.

    Keep, shining. X

  7. I love this post! This is something I have experienced and I work with my client in my Hypnotherapy practice. For anyone experiencing this, I say first of all, be kind to yourself and remember…just because you think the thoughts you do, it doesn’t make them real or true.

  8. I enjoyed watching your videos Michele , so relatable ! Since I started blogging I had imposter syndrome like never before, constantly feeling like Im a fraud and I’m going to fail. Go to know I’m not alone

  9. I think at varying degrees, most of us suffer from imposter syndrome. I think I do too, sometimes. I hate being congratulated because I feel it’s too much.

    But sometimes, I do. It’s quite complicated

    Stop comparing–THIS. I’ve come to terms with this for a while now. It’s a sanity checker, really.

  10. Awesome tips on helping people beat imposter syndrome. It is a tough nut to crack but it has to be done!

  11. It is interesting how our mind always goes to the negative thoughts of things. I wish we easily went to the I can this, I can learn that, I get those things done, I will figure out how to… thoughts.

  12. It is so hard to achieve perfection especially with one’s inner self. I am glad to read this post, will share this to my Mommy page group.

  13. It’s my first time to hear about imposter syndrome. It’s good to be aware of these conditions so that we’d know how to overcome them.

  14. Never though that there such things as impostor syndrome , funny but good to know where I belong and I think I’m the soloist. Hehe

  15. As my son says, remind yourself that you are “that guy/girl” — emphasis on the word “that:. It does help boost your confidence. Anything to help you beat imposter syndrome, right?

  16. These are some good tips to come out of the slumber and self doubt. Thank you for sharing and motivating through your post.

  17. There are times that I feel doubt about myself, but I don’t feel stress about it. When it happened, I’ll just pause and take my time (no matter how long it will take). Reading books helps me to relax.

    1. I am learning not to stress about it. When I start to doubt I have to stop myself… Give me my little pep talk and go on about my day.

  18. I dont know, initially when I came accross your article, I do not fit any of these types. But now, I am more of soloist. I am proud of my achievements and think that those were all my efforts. I was wronged and will change that misconception.

  19. impostor syndrome is hard to beat and it does come back. I think it has a lot to do with the way we were raised. you made a great post that definitely helps

    1. All it is… is the fear of failure, but you don’t learn unless you try. You learn when you succeed, but you also learn so much more and feel so much prouder when you conquer fear and might fail.

  20. Thanks for sharing this! I think so many of us suffer from imposter syndrome at one time or another. For me, it’s definitely perfectionist and expert. And I think for my son it’s probably natural genius. I had no idea there were actually different kinds so this is very useful information for me to use in helping both of us navigate through finding our voices and being okay doing so.

  21. Really an inspiring I had from this sharing here, thanks for sharing & learnt much more about imposter syndrome 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com

  22. Comparing yourself to others is honestly the best advice ever! Also the hardest. But once we stop doing it, it makes our life so much better!

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