Holiday Stress? 5 easy tips on how to manage it!

SING WITH ME! Hark! The herald angels sing… The holiday season is so fucking stressing!!! I love October and the lead-up to Halloween, but once November 1st hits it’s like BAAAM! Holiday stress overload. This holiday season is gonna send me to the looney bin! For those of us who don’t have all our shit together… Here are a few tips on how to deal with the never-ending Holiday stress.

holiday stress

Holiday Stress

Christmas has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday. Halloween was okay, Thanksgiving the food is great, but Christmas… was my shit! Thanksgiving was the day the whole family got together to bullshit with each other. It was nothing but jokes and laughs and the occasional sibling/cousin fight. We would spend all day watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After we ate dinner around 3-4 we would let all the yummy food settle in our stomachs.

We would head outside to watch my Brother in law start pulling out the Christmas decorations. We would help0 me check the bulbs and talk about how “out there” he was going to go this year because he loved to outdo himself every year!

When the night rolled around we would gather in the living room to set up and decorate the tree. We spent time looking at each ornament reminiscing about them. Because each of them had a memory.

Christmas at my mom’s

At my mom’s house, there were times where there wasn’t a lot under the tree. It used to make me so angry. I thought I would have more at my sister’s house. Sadly there was not. There were probably a handful of times that I got jealous that my nieces got more presents or cooler presents than I did (since we were all around the same age).

As I got older I stopped focusing on the gifts when it came to Christmas. Looking back I can’t tell you what I got every year, but maybe a handle full of times… I remember a Jennie Gymnast, A barbie dollhouse (not the dream house), and a bike. Okay, so not EVEN a handful. LOL

I explain this to you because it is my first tip for you on how to deal with holiday stress…

Shift your focus

Once I hit that certain age and change my focus from the gifts to the experience it made Christmas so much better. From my little story, you can tell I remember more about the experience of Christmas, not the gifts. If you take a step back and look at all the things we buy and never use or ONLY USE a few times just to get rid of them. Christmas gifts are the same way unless it is something the personal REALLY needs.

Like underwear, socks, bras… Those are expensive as hell and I would love for someone to drop the benjamins on all of those for me! Those are the gifts that keep on giving.

Create a holiday experience focused on the memories you make not the stuff you buy.

Set Boundaries

If you have followed me for some time on this personal growth journey you would know that making boundaries is okay. Making boundaries are encouraged ESPECIALLY around the holiday season. Avoid that stupid holiday stress. You don’t want to drive to Aunt Sally’s house in BFE Arkansas… You can say no.

What I think some fail to realize when you grow up and start having a family of your own. It is okay to stop your previous traditions and create new ones for yourself. Especially when some people go ALL OUT on Christmas shopping. Dropping thousands on gifts then paying for flights or roadtripping. It can be costly. So it’s okay to say no. Go ahead and say it you know you want to…

This brings me to my next tipperooney!

Know what you can control

You are becoming your own person doing your own holiday thing. You set that boundary that you ARE NOT going to Aunt Sally’s. (which BTW good for you) But now Aunt Sally and Grandma Gertrude are having a conniption. Guilt trip galore. They are pulling out all the stops. You know the one-liners ” It could be my last Christmas”, “you don’t love me”, or my favorite “this is an old woman’s dying wish”.

Whatever the case may be… you can control how you feel. If you felt the weight come off your shoulders as soon as you told the family you weren’t coming. That was 100% the right choice for you. You can control what feels good for you… You can’t control how others will react. It is not your responsibility to compromise yourself and what you feel to make someone else happy.

Let me repeat that again for those in the back who were RUDELY not paying attention. YOU πŸ‘  DO πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ NEED πŸ‘ TO πŸ‘ COMPROMISE πŸ‘ YOURSELF πŸ‘ AND πŸ‘ WHATπŸ‘  YOU πŸ‘ FEELπŸ‘ TO πŸ‘ MAKE πŸ‘ SOMEONE πŸ‘ ELSE HAPPY. πŸ‘

Gifts are not for everyone

I am an adult, I make my own money and buy the things I need or don’t really need but find cool. So does Mike… In the almost 10 years Mike and I have been together we have boughten each other gifts 3 times. And the third time I think we bought our own gifts. So maybe even twice. Sometimes gifts don’t need to be bought for every single person you have ever known.

If they do not currently reside in my humble abode or would be a contact in case of an emergency person they are not getting a gift. Look at that I just chopped my list down to 6 people. Less stressful already. LOL

All else fails…

Say FUCK IT! Facebook status updated letting every single one of those filthy animals that Christmas is canceled! I have almost done that one year. You can check out that story and read about how to stay in the holiday spirit for Christmas!

Holiday Stress

Make this holiday season your bitch! Sorry not sorry to say this bestie but ditch the Holiday Stress… It doesn’t look good on you! Hahahaha In all honesty it doesn’t look good on anyone.

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Until Next Time, Have a Great day! Remember you are a badass!

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