Happy Rex Manning Day! Let’s all Celebrate since its April 8th!

Damn the Man Save the Empire

Attention all Rex Manning Fans… Normally I only wanted to post on Tuesday and Thursdays, but no matter what I am doing I will never skip Rex Manning Day! Say no more, Mon Amore! HAPPY REX MANNING DAY!!

I do not regret the things I have done, but those I did not do. Especially if it involves not watching Empire Records. If you are not familiar with Rex Manning Day, where have you been? Just kidding…but seriously! This day is popularized by the 1995 movie Empire Records starring an All-Star cast… Maybe not at the time, but they are all fantastic now. In this movie, you will find Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, Ethan Embry, Robin Tunney, Johnny Whitworth, and Rory Cochrane, as well as many more actors worth mentioning.

Thank you to ETonline for providing me with the best quotes from this movie!

Empire Records

This movie follows the highs and lows in a 24 hour period in the lives of these six emo and punk rock teenagers who work at an indie record store that is going to be closed and soon turned into a chain music store called “Music Town”.

Happy Rex Manning Day Empire Records

They are being molded into semi-responsible adults by the guidance of the surprisingly accurate record store owner Joe. Who plays the papa figure throughout the movie trying to guide these kids the best he can. However they don’t know that it might be closing soon, only the infamous Joe knows, played by Anthony LaPaglia, Because Joe knows and sees all…

Happy Rex Manning Day Empire Records

On the day they find out it might be closing, it just so happens to be the day they are hosting a washed-up, has-been artist that thinks he is still hot-shit named Rex Manning, played by Maxwell Caulfield. It documents as I said the highs and lows of being a teenager… not fitting in, thinking your too fat, too ugly, when crushes don’t like you back.. just everything. All the while pairing this story with awesome, awesome music!


However, in the end its about the characters banding together to help save the record store by throwing an awesome concert to bring people to the store to help raise money for Joe to buy out the “Music Town” Exec, because really why would the big chain want a tiny, tiny music store.

Empire Records Music

TThis movie has so many amazing characters, but I think the best one in the movie by far is Robin Tunney’s character Debra. I really resonated with her growing up. Feeling like the out-cast with failed attempts at suicide and just not feeling like she belonged. She is so down in the dumps,that her friends stage a fake funeral to show her how much they would miss her if she died.

April 8th

The reason why April 8th is Rex Manning Day, is because you guessed it….all this is happening on April 8th to celebrate the new album of the womanizing, douche bag Rex Manning. Which they use him in a condescending way as a pun for jokes and each one of these unique characters bring something extra to this film that, to me, is what makes it such a classic movie.

So with it being April 8th, 2019 marking today at the 24th anniversary of Rex Manning Day! I will always celebrate this day with such joy by watching “Empire Records”. I cant talk enough about this movie. If you haven’t seen I highly, highly recommended it, if you don’t want to… In the words of Rex Manning, himself, why don’t you all just fade away…

Happy Rex Manning Day Empire Records
Why don’t you all just fade away” -Rex Manning (Maxwell Caulfield)

Until next time, Happy Rex Manning Day!


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