The Funny Christmas Ornament Exchange: How to play

Years ago this tradition was started in my family between me and my brother-in-law. December 23,2 2015 to about 2018ish it was this little thing that made the Christmas season so much fun. We started the Ugly Christmas Ornament Exchange. I found a boot ornament with fur and thought it was hilarious because it was absolutely hideous and had no meaning whatsoever behind it.

Christmas Ornament Exchange

For unseen events, the Ugly Christmas Ornament Exchange had to end and it bummed us out. He is fine, just not part of our family anymore. It sucked a little because it was always my favorite part of the year. Since then my sister moved to South Carolina and we never thought of doing it again until this year. It was something I started with my Brother-in-law, but something I want to continue with my sister and nephews.

How to play

The first thing you do is choose your victim… It could be anyone in your family or you can take turns each year. You could even do this with your friends. Either way, someone is unexpectedly getting something hideous or something funny as shit. So this year I started with my sister… maybe next year I will pick something for one of my nephews. You do it however you like too.

The Hunt

This is the most fun part. You scour the internet Amazon, Google, Wish (if you must) whatever site you want to buy from or that you find in the store. The general rule for me is that it has to give a “wow” factor or make you cringe at just the sight of it if you are going for something ugly. If not make the Christmas ornament exchange funny.

Since I was originally started I will share some of the ones that were in the running this year but didn’t quite make it.

This one was high on the list. It is such a goodie! This was on Amazon It is currently unavailable… but who knows she may make an appearance in a future Christmas exchange.

Image Source Style at Home

I would have bought this one in a heartbeat if I could find where to buy it. This one just screams at me “buy me”.

This is very clever. This comes to us from Andy’s Box who said a person made that. I made an ornament once because I could not find the one I wanted for my brother-in-law. So with some baking clay, an ugly photo of my Brother-in-law, a printer, and photoshop. I made a lovely ornament that will forever be my proudest Christmas moment. I would show the one I made, but it brings up some sad memories now. So here is the original…

The original image source is not working.

I did find this one in a shop in Key West for 55 dollars. I wanted it, but could not afford that for an ornament. So DIY is how it came to life. But these are just a few that have been at the top of my list.

Changing up the Christmas Ornament Exchange

So since we didn’t do it for the past 2 years I thought it was time to revive this fun family tradition. I spent 2 weeks scouring the internet and came up empty-handed. Finally, I had to change up my search parameters It could be a chuckle or two for all if I surprised my sister with a FUNNY ornament during my visit for Thanksgiving and that gave her a month to find me one.

Suddenly a lightbulb went off in my head. I was going to make it one of our MANY inside jokes.

Anytime a family event would come up my sister would post about it on Facebook. I would always comment “will there be deviled eggs? If not… I will not be attending”. The following year she would call me to discuss the holiday menu. and say something like “I don’t think I am going to make deviled eggs. No one eats them” My reply would be then I am not coming.

This has been an ongoing conversation between us for YEARS. I wish I could find the Facebook status that shows this to be true. (AHA! After an hour of looking FINALLY!)

Going back to Amazon I found a deviled egg ornament. I took it to South Carolina to see my sister for Thanksgiving and I gave it to her then. It was a hit. I told her she had 30 days to get me back. We enjoyed our 5 day stay there came home at 9a on Sunday and when we woke up at noon. I went outside to find an Amazon package from MY SISTER. This bitch ordered an ornament while I WAS STILL THERE!

I opened it and found she had ordered it from the SAME place I ordered hers. She got me a brussel sprout… a fuckin Brussel Sprout. So I did what any other person would do and I made a TikTok about it.


Funny ornament exchange with my sister! A FUCKING BRUSSEL SPROUT! #ornamentexchange #brusselsprout #sisters

♬ Big Mouth Season 5 – Nick Kroll

Funny Christmas Ornament Exchange

These are Christmas ornaments hilarious and happily on our trees this year.

BONUS: I have ALREADY have her ornament for next year. I found it just sitting on a shelf by its lonesome self.

Are you ready to start your own Christmas Ornament Exchange? Let me know in the comments what traditions you have!

Until Next Time, Have a Great Day! Remember you are a badass!

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