Motivation: 8 easy ways to unpotato your day

Can you believe that we are almost into April already? Anyone else think 2021 is going by just as fast as 2020 did? I don’t know about you, but I have been having some potato days. I have this comfy spot on my couch, endless netflix, Amazon Prime and Paramount + shows I can watch at the drop of a hat. Motivation has been MIA on and off since the first lockdown in 2020. It is hit or miss if the motivation wants to make an appearance. I am grateful when it does, but I have found a few little tips and tricks that help it come sooner rather than later.


Motivation…That dang 10 letter word that you either wake up with or it avoids you like the plague. There are days where I am so excited to get the day started. Get things done just so I can check them off on my list. Then there are other days that I just drag ass and before I know it, it is 4p in the afternoon and I haven’t even gotten dressed yet. Let’s see if we can change that find some motivation with 8 easy ways to unpotato your day!

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To-do List

If you have been a beloved fruit loop of this blog you would know that I love lists. As I sit here writing this blog I have a list of things to do right next next to me just itching to be checked off. haha. Now the difference between everyone else’s to do lists and mine is that I write things down that I want to get done for the week…. Not just for the day. That would be too overwhelming if I tried to get everything done in one day.

Have you ever tried cleaning your house all in one day or want to do something for yourself? You get so overwhelmed you end up not finishing or you put yourself on the back burner. When I get overwhelmed I don’t feel like doing anything. There goes all hope of motivation. I kid you not try separating your housework or work into scheduled days and see how much more you are willing to do the cleaning.

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Positive self-talk

I know this is easier said than done, but I am telling you it works. If you are prone to not getting all of the things done on your to-do list and then you spend the rest of the night thinking or saying bad things about yourself. Just stop. When you feel those words coming to your head stop yourself.

When I stopped beating myself up for not being perfect or having “off” days it became more freeing and surprisingly made me want to do more. If I prioritize the most important thing for the day. I feel more okay if I don’t get everything done.

Ask yourself this one question “What can I do today that would make me feel like today was productive?”

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Make a schedule

I brought this up before when talking about my today list. I schedule things on certain days. Since my full time job is this blog. My day may look different from yours, but I want to show what I do to motivate me a little bit more during the week.

Once I am used to being on a schedule I know what needs to be done on what day. You will find how long it takes you to complete tasks than your realize you may have time to work on somethings for the next day. If you don’t want to then you don’t have to.

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Create a hype playlist

Music…music just makes me feel things. If I listen to sad songs I feel sad. If I listen to an upbeat playlist I want to move and dance. The motivation hits me, man! Find all the songs that just make you want to bob your head. Songs that make you want to move. If you are unsure I have a playlist on Spotify that you can listen to. Click Here to listen or listen below. I have a very eclectic list of music. I hope you enjoy!

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Do it even if you are tired

This one takes some discipline. There are times after dinner that I don’t want to do the dishes. I am exhausted from working, cleaning and just having one of those days. I think about my future self. Does my future self want to do these dishes or should I just suck it up now and do them. If I do them now I don’t have to do them tomorrow. One less thing to do.

My body says no, but my mind says yes so I don’t have to do them tomorrow. I just do my future self a solid and my future self thanks my past sleepy self.

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Hype yourself up

Watch videos of others doing work or cleaning. It hypes me up to go do my shit that I have to do. I especially do this when I first wake up in the morning while I am drinking my morning coffee. Nothing like motivating myself before I am even fully awake. Even if I am not “watching” it. Just hearing it playing in the background helps a lot.

I wrote about this before in my post 10 ways to motivate your to clean where I play a “clean with me” video on YouTube. Sometimes I kind of become competitive with them and they don’t even know it. It goes something like this “Oh you are going to clean your window sills, well well AMANDA of this crazy life. I can do that too.”

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Play make-believe

I will create fake scenarios to motivate myself to find motivation. I already told you I become competitive with Youtubers cleaning their house. But I also pretend someone is coming over to my house so I need to get it clean. Sometimes when it comes to blog posts I will pretend I am writing this for a company or a brand. So I must get it done by the deadline.

I will do some crazy shit to get my motivation and unpotato my day. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Take breaks if needed

Take breaks when you need to. I will give myself little tasks to complete before I can take said break. I have to put away all the laundry before I can go make an iced coffee. All of the outline must be written before I can scrolls Instagram or TikTok.

If I take a break I also limit myself 10 minutes max. If I sit any longer I won’t get anything else done. The only exception is if I am eating. If I want decent food I need more than 10 minutes. LOL

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Getting that motivation

What works for me, might not work for you. All I know is these help me unpotato my day and find motivation. If you are interested in more ways to unpotato your life… I suggest reading  Kritika Manchanda’s post “How to un-potato in your life? Follow these 6 easy tips

Until Next Time, Have a Great Day!


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  1. Motivation is so important especially when you are working your own business. I like these tips for how to get motivated. I especially like the hype mix one. I do that to get myself hyped to exercise. Great post!

  2. hi
    yes, the pandemic has created havoc with many of us. I am A LIST maker kind of guy myself and i can totally relate to the benefits that one gets from it. True discipline also helps as does groovy tempo music to get some motivation into the system

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