The importance of making memories with your kids

Making friends in unexpected places

Today is a featured guest blog post and I have teamed up with an amazing woman. It’s crazy how you meet people and create bonds with them over the weirdest things. Although, not many of you know I have been dabbling in blogging for many, many years. However, recently I took the plunge and made it official. Although, along with my journey of being a new blogger, I met a friend Brittany. Brittany is also a fellow blogger, who is blogging her journey of writing her first novel. Can wait to see it on bookshelves!! With this being our first featured guest blog post, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Yeah, we met on Facebook…

We met in a Facebook Group that support each other in our blogging journeys. Finally, wanting to put herself out there. She posted looking for someone to guest post. I surely agreed. As a result, It became more than just that after reading each other’s blogs. It became about the relationships we have with our kids. The things we do to make them laugh or just to feel closer to them. Consequently, it’s the music that brings us together to enjoy singing at a talent show or being a DJ in Florida one night.

So again, please give a warm welcome for Brittany from “” and please enjoy her one night DJing in Florida, a night she nor her daughter will ever forget…

Last night, I was a DJ in Florida…
Featured Guest Blog Post

By Brittany

My child looked to me with excitement in her eyes and said, “Mommy! Let’s go upstairs!”Of course, I agreed and followed her curiously as she scooped an armful of princess dolls into her arms along with some pink plastic furniture. I stood at the bottom of the stairs where she announced we were going to fly to Florida now. “Yes, Captain! Ready for takeoff!” We climbed the stairs, and I leaned on the door frame as she set up a blanket on the floor, and arranged boxes and the plastic bed and couch in the corner. Quickly followed by a barricade of hampers, toy baskets, and the giant Pikachu that was the same size as her a year ago.

“What is this?” I ask.

“What is this?” I ask. I am promptly told, that this is the hotel in Florida, and Pikachu is serving as the guard cat so no non-princess dolls can enter the hotel. I’m shown the garage for the toy cars and monster trucks, who have their own private door at the hotel. She marches past me and enters my room with all of her dolls as I watch curiously. Naturally, I follow her and watch as she takes a large empty container and sets up the pillows where her dolls take turns lounging. I only just manage to get my hands up to catch the remote for the television as she tosses it to me. “Pool parties need music!” She declares.

She’s the captain of this excursion after all

She’s the captain of this excursion after all. That is when I knew. Tonight, I would be a Floridian DJ. Proud, I flip the power button and navigate us to Youtube, where she expressly screams for BLACK PINK! The first time the K-pop singers say their name, the party is on. The princesses started a diving contest, and I was the judge from atop my DJ booth. Obviously, the Barbie in the swimsuit had magic mermaid powers and was declared the winner, with the best dive from atop the nearby rock formation; Mount Duvet.

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Please head over to Brittany’s blog to see what happens. I hope you guys enjoyed this guest post and let us know your favorite memories with kiddos in your life.

making memories with your kids

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