10 easy ways to prep for your first time on an airplane

I will be sharing my 10 Tips for planning a trip on an airplane because Ya girl is going on her first trip… BY HERSELF! I am 34 years old and I have never been on a plane or seen snow. In 18 days I will be checking one of those items off my list!

It is sad it’s under not so good circumstances. My Aunt passed away in May and my cousin is cleaning out her house.

Last year in June I met my cousin for the first time. Although we had been friends on Facebook and have talked on the phone and in messenger for years. When we met something clicked. She and I are too much alike. Which I find funny because she is the middle of 3 kids from my aunt and I am the youngest of 3 from my mom.

Since we met a year ago we talk a lot more and have come to realize family is important. So I was talking to my cousin Deb on August 18th the day before my 34th birthday. Every 5 minutes or so she would say you should come to see me. I kept replying let me talk to Mike. An hour and a half later she and I got off the phone. Right after I called Mike. His response was the same as it always is. He said, “Book it”.

So I started looking up flights and by August 21st I bought a round trip flight to New Jersey for 2 weeks. It cost 195 and I leave on September 24th coming back on October 8th. I am so excited, but nervous at the same time.

Nervous to Fly

Remind you I have never been on a plane before. Also, my concern is am I to fat to fly? I know I am not but it is still a concern of mine. So I have been doing a lot of research since I bought my ticket. Yet, I am not going to worry about it. The airline’s website gave the seat measurements and the length of the seat belt. I should be fine, I measure my butt for the seat and the length of the belt across my belly.

I have been making myself a list of the things I need to buy and the things I need to leave at home. Since last year was my first vacation as an adult. Mike, Mikayla, and I drove to Massachusetts. Needless to say, since I am a planner. I bought and packed things I thought we would need and never ended up touching them. Lesson learned. Especially coming home. We had no room.

But, I have learned a few tips and tricks for road trips, but flying on a plane is a different story. Some can work for flying but not all so I read some blogs. Also thinking about me and my needs.

Here are 10 tips I am focusing on while I start planning and packing my trip.

1. Leave your suitcase open to toss things in as needed

I have left my suitcase open in my living room to toss things in as I think to bring it. A list is hanging on my wall by my computer with a running list of the things I can’t toss in there yet because I am still using them but need a reminder. I told myself was to leave the shampoo and conditioner at home. It can be bought when I get there if need be, but I am staying with my cousin at my Aunts house. I would think she would have all that stuff.

10 Tips for planning a trip on an airplane (for first-time flyers)

2. Pack a Capsule wardrobe

Pack minimal basic pieces and pick an accent color. Lately, my wardrobe consists of black leggings, gray sneakers, and burgundy shirts. Pack minimal clothes that will mix and match well. So I can pack for 1 week but have enough options to mix and match for the full 2 weeks.

3. Prep Electronics

Clean out my electronics of random crap I don’t need on them. Create as much space on them as possible. Since I don’t have an actual camera, I will be using my phone and want ample space. Plus clean out my iPod. I took a look and it is a lot of music I don’t listen to anymore.

10 Tips for planning a trip on an airplane (for first-time flyers)

4. Prep entertainment for before and during flight

Preload my laptop with movies and music to accommodate my wait at the airport and while on the flight. I have mentioned before that I need music to write. It just puts me in the zone. I already planned to work at some point on my travel day.

5. Prep Snacks for flights

I will be thinking of easy snacks I can buy before I board the plane. Even though you get a free snack and drink on the plane. I will also buy gum for the ear-popping thing I have always heard about because of pressure.

5. Bring a water bottle

I will bring an empty water bottle. Which is perfect because I just got a hydro-flask from my insurance company. I have read that the flight attendant will refill it on the plane. No need to buy drinks.

6. Wear my bulkiest clothes on the plane

I have already planned my airport outfit. Comfy but cute. Its all I could ask for. I also read that the window seat is the coldest seat which is what I picked. So my travel outfit includes a cardigan that is on the heavier side.

10 Tips for planning a trip on an airplane (for first-time flyers)

7. Stay hydrated & do some self care

I read that the higher elevation will cause dry skin and dehydration. Which means I need to drink a shit ton of water. My skin to be in peak condition. I will be having a self-care day next week to dye my hair because ya girl needs it. My hair has not been dyed in months… I am also going to repaint my nails and work on looking and feeling great.

10. Prep your house before you leave

Clean my house top to bottom before I leave and make sure I have everything in order. Because we all know Mike wouldn’t survive without me. It’s true. I asked him and he said the same thing. I want it clean so when I come back its only semi-dirty. Haha If you need some motivation please check out my blog here: 10 WAYS TO MOTIVATE YOU TO CLEAN


Start looking up fun things to do in the area you are going to. I am going up north so I will be looking up things to do New Jersey/New York/PA area. I know my cousin will have great spots to go to, but I wanna knock off some of my bucket list items. She already agreed to take the bus to NYC. I am so excited I just can’t hide it!!!

I hope you enjoyed my 10 Tips for planning a trip. Hopefully, you can use all or some of these tips. I, myself, am nervous and love to pack more than I need, but I know I need to cool it. Bring the basics and if I need anything I can buy it there. No Biggie. Let me know in the comments if you have some tips for planning a trip? I would love to hear them.

I will be making a whole video of my trip planning process if you would like to watch it. Check out our Youtube channel.

Until Next Time, Have a Great Day!


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