How to relax with a travel day to-do list

So this is it, guys… In 4 and a half hours, I will be on my way to New Jersey. You should have a travel day to-do list that keeps you on track and helps you relax before your big travel day.

Travel Day to-do list

I wanted to have a pretty chill day. I don’t want to leave the house unless it is to go to the airport. I’ll send Mike out, which I did. He is heading to the store to get gas and an energy drink. I am relaxing, but still getting stuff done. This is my travel day to-do list.

travel day to-do list

Coffee and YouTube

I knew what I was going to do since yesterday. Start the morning with an iced coffee. I am obsessed with making iced coffee at home. I use the donut shop coffee blend, caramel, caramel macchiato creamer, and a little bit of whipped cream on top. So delicious.

I relaxed on the couch with my iced coffee and turned on YouTube. Checked in on Killem AKA Tom Stanniland since he is going live on YouTube for 7 days straight. I caught up on Joey Graceffa’s puppies.

Travel Day to-do list
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To-do Face Mask and Painting my toes

I continued with my coffee and YouTube, but I put on glacier water and a pink peony gel face mask. I then painted my toenails and relaxing some more while they dried.

Starting to see the pattern? Relaxation is key.

Just doing the girlie things

Once my toes were dry I jumped in the shower. I washed my hair and did the dandruff treatment. I exfoliated my face and body. Shaved my legs, cleaned my toes up since I painted them horribly. I also did a hair mask while in the shower. Apparently, it was a long shower because when I walked out Mike said “wow, that was really long”

Relax and Moisturize

I always sit on the couch in my towel as I dry. No need to rush to get dressed I got time. Once I am dry. It was time to lotion up with Victoria Secret’s Diamond Sky lotion I got from my sister.

Side note: I am so disappointed it was a 2018 season item and I can’t go buy the body spray.

I lotion-ed up my body, especially my feet and put on socks just to lock it in.

Charge devices and make a travel playlist

Once fully dry, I got dressed and made sure all my electronics were charging. Since my iPod was charging I figured I would make a nice little travel playlist. Pick out my favorite songs while plugged into the computer.

I like a lot of music the playlist is almost 11 hours long and my flight is only 3 hours long, but I have A LOT of options. I can put in my headphones and listen to awesome music while I write Friday’s blog.

Tie up some loose ends

Since I have about an hour before we are going to leave. I am going to wash the dishes, clean up the kitchen some, and pick up the living room.

As well as go through my suitcase one more time. It’s last-minute but I decided on not taking a few things I packed. I also need to go around a pick up all the things I have not packed yet because I needed them today.

If you want to see everything I packed for this trip check out my last post right HERE.

Things are a little out of order since I started packing. I am not going to stress, Mike said he will take care of it. Mike and I spent yesterday and today just relaxing telling each other how much we will miss each other. However, I am excited to fulfill my vacation bucket list

Time to be sappy

I know gross, but guys Mike and I have never been apart this long in our whole 7-year relationship. Our first year we were apart for about 7 days. Not consecutively, a day here and a day there. From year 2 until now, we have been together EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am going to miss my best friend.

Now that I have completed everything on my travel day to-do list, I am jetting out the door to the airport. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see a BTS because I will be recording everything.

Until Next Time, Have A Great Day

Travel Day to-do list

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