The Only Resolutions You Need To Make This Year

It is that time of year for all of us to make those resolutions that will be forgotten by the end of January. Then we beat ourselves up for a week or two that we didn’t stick with it and move on with our lives until December 26th. We start reflecting looking back on our last year wondering where we went wrong. What could we have done better? Which is always great to do self reflection. But we start going down this rabbit hole of ompletely destroying ourselves.


Instead of saying I will lose 60 pounds, maybe I should have started off with 10. What if I did this, what if I did that… What if, what if, what if… To quote Chester Bennington from Linkin Park (R.I.P)… In the end it doesn’t even matter.

But if you are into all of the resolutions and superstitions to help make the new year the best it could then I definitely recommend checking out my post about Good Luck Supersitions to start off your New Year.

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Stressing over the wrong thing

Resolutions are supposed to make life easier, less stressful, but it really does the opposite. I know I am not the only one who spends year after year regretting all the things I didn’t do. When really I should be celebrating the things I did do. I didn’t lose the 60lbs this year, but you know what I lost 10 and discovered a workout regiment that I love. That makes me want to go to the gym more than I used to before. Pat yourself on your back Patricia!

We need to switch our focus from us “not completing our resolutions” to ” this was a baby step towards my actual goal” Because maybe you weren’t meant to run a 5k in a month But you went from being a little couch potato to brisk walking with your neighbors. High five to you Heather!

I know it sucks you didn’t do it, but what you did is better than where you were last year. It is not all meant to happen at once. Gradual baby steps.

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Negative self talk

When it comes to not completing your resolutions I will be the first to admit the negative self talk ensunes… I list anything and EVERYTHING wrong with me. Tell me how THAT is healthy for me? For you? For anyone? It’s not. Everthing that a new year resolutions are suppose to represent end up causing me more pain, trauma and grief. To alievate the stress of all that… all that shit that comes with resolutions I decided not to do resolutions.

Whaaaatttt?? Michele that is crazy… What make this ANY different from any other new years resolutions post MICHELE??? (Read in a sarcastic tone)

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Unnecessary Resolutions Pressure

Honestly it is not much different from any other post, but you landed on this page and I keep it real 100% with you. I am not doing resolutions. Here is why you shouldn’t either. Why put that much pressure on something that we will probably end up doing eventually anyways. When you are on a person growth journey (which I hope you are. You can read how I got started on mine here) you are constantly making goals to achieve to live your best life… blah blah blah

It is fine to make those “resolutions” without the pressure. Want to lose weight don’t put a pound on it. Never worked out a day in your life… start with walking videos on Youtube. I recommend Get Fit with Rick or Sharona’s Hill. All you have to do is one. Complete one and work up from there. Want to write the next greatest novel of ALL TIME. Write a paragraph. Doesn’t matter about what… Just do it. Doesn’t even have to make sense. Forget the pressure just have fun.

Be better than your last years self.

One thing that no one talks about for a new year resolution is one that is so simple. Be better than your last years self.

It is as simple as that. Isn’t it enough to just be better than you were before? This unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves to be better than everyone else, have our life together is completely redonkulous! I don’t know about you but after the last 2 years I am happy to survive and find a little bit of happiness in the mix of all things fucked up.

If anything has taught me the past to years is that I nor you should give a shit what anyone else does. Worry about you and you alone. YOU are the only person who has to be happy with you. Be happy with what you accomplished not was show-off Sharon is doing.

You can take what I say with a grain of salt and not put to much pressure on yourself to complete ALL THE THINGS in one mothafuckin year. Or make the same solutions you will not stick to after January. Start small with no pressure on yourself. Just be better than last year.

Until Next Time. Have a great day! Remember you are a badass!

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