Good luck Superstitions to start the new year right

As of right now, I can say… What a fucking year my friends… It has been one thing after another. I have been alive for 35 years and have never seen this much shit happen in a single year. Needless to say, we need some good luck moving forward. So why not practice some of these good luck superstitions.

good luck superstitions

All things considering though we survived. That’s about all we did. Although some of us ended up starting our own business’ during the quarantine, which is amazing.

Companies adapted to the new norm and restructured the way their business’ run. We have all adapted and are just trying to live our best life with what we have been given.

Good Luck Superstitions for NYE

I know a lot of you are most likely not into superstitions, but let’s be real here. We need all the help we can get. So, let’s start off with some you should plan to do on New Year’s Eve.

The first and most important “good luck superstition” that many believe if you follow Our Redonkulous Life on either Instagram or YouTube you will be graced with good luck and motivation all year long. Hehe

Fill your Cabinets

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Make sure you stock up on food and fill your cupboards because it is considered bad luck to start the new year with bare cupboards (signaling poverty and hardship).

Don’t leave the House

They say that you shouldn’t leave your house until someone enters from the outside first. You better hope it’s someone with good intentions because who comes to your house will supposedly say a lot about the luck you will have in the new year. Is it friend or foe?

If that’s the case we would never leave our houses. Social distancing people! Do they have a clause about being in a global pandemic?

Cash in your wallet

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Quick run to the ATM and get out some cash! Why? Because we want to enter the new year with full financial prosperity. Filling your wallet with cash before the clock strikes Midnight suggests that you may see the next 12 months with a continuous cash flow.  

Fill your wallet with cash and don’t loan out any money to anyone on either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

They also say don’t start the year with any unpaid debts, or you could set a prediction for the months ahead. This one is kind of hard since most of us have debt of some kind.

Hang Lemons

A superstition I found interesting was an old tradition that suggests you hang lemons on your windows and on the door jambs on New Year’s Eve removes negative vibes and allows good energy to flow into the coming year. 

I have never heard of that but it seems doable.

Clean your House

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In Chinese and Latin American culture, having your home clean on New Year’s Eve will make certain you are not bringing your old life into the new year.

After the house has been cleaned, all equipment used to clean the house should be put away to avoid sweeping the lucky away, According to the superstition.

Don’t Clean on New years Day

Out of all these good luck superstitions, this is the one I can really get behind! You don’t want to “sweeping” or “wash” away any luck coming your way. So don’t do any cleaning—especially dishes and laundry.

Kiss at Midnight

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Out of all the good luck superstitions, this is the one we all know about.

In German folklore, it suggests that the first person you encounter in a new year will determine the tone of the next 365 days. If you are in a relationship and kiss your partner to celebrate the new year together will have a strong relationship for the next 12 months.

If you are single do not avoid this good luck superstition because you may end up with a lonely year ahead. Kissing under the mistletoe could bless a couple with fertility according to ancient Greece folklore.

If you have read my PCOS story then you know I will be doing this every year from now on! Bring on the mistletoe!

Open Doors

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An Irsh good luck supersition is that on New Year’s Eve you go and open all the doors of the house just before midnight to let the old year escape and give a big ol’ welcome the new year.

So go fling your doors open to help the old year find its way out.  BYE FELICIA!

Eat Certain Foods

They say you should eat pork on New Year’s Day will bring 12 months of good luck. The Pennsylvania Dutch and Germans might be on to something. This is because the pigs lead with their snouts pointing forward. Even in Chinese culture, they consider eating pork could bring you luck, good fortune, progress, and honesty.

Eat 12 grapes

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This good luck superstition about eating 12 grapes that came from Spain is meant to bring you luck for the coming year. Just eat 12 grapes at midnight. That represents one grape for every month. You can freeze them and toss them in your midnight champagne as a fun New Year’s Eve cocktail garnish.

I had never heard of this till my sister told me she ate the grapes at her New Year’s Eve party.

Avoid Certain Foods

If you are a seafood lover I suggest you rethink any fancy New Year’s Eve food ideas that include lobster. Eating lobsters before midnight is bad luck and believed by many cultures because they move backwards. The lobster is setting you up for a year of setbacks.

If you don’t want your luck to fly away should avoid eating chicken on New Year’s Eve. If you eat chicken on New Year’s Eve you would experience poverty throughout the coming year. In the Philippines, they believe this wholeheartedly.

Also, eating fresh or pickled herring will bring good luck. Eating noodles enables longevity in China.

Carry an Empty Suitcase

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Grab your luggage! No need to pack though. We just need it as a prop.

In Colombia, they say to carry an empty suitcase around your house just for a few minutes to set yourself up for adventures in the new year.

All in All

There are so many other superstitions out there for every type of holiday, birthday, or for just everyday life. You either you believe or you don’t or maybe you just do it so you are not pissing off the gods. Keep the bad juju away at all costs.

Whatever you do to celebrate your new years, I hope it is filled with love and light. I am sending you good juju to accomplish all the things you want in life. So don’t ever feel like no one is cheering you on this year. I am!

What are some of the good luck superstitions you believe in that I did not mention?

Until Next Time, Have a Great Day!

good luck superstitions

35 Replies to “Good luck Superstitions to start the new year right”

  1. Cleaning the house definitely is a tradition and a huge superstition in my culture for the New Years!

    1. I was already cleaning my house and made a joke about it on Instagram. Then I learned that it was an actual superstition. I had to add it to the list.

  2. Haha some of these are so funny to me, I’ve never heard of these superstitions. Where I’m from, we wash all our clothes. Can’t go into the new year with dirty clothes,. No ma’am.

    1. After the year we’ve had, we need to disinfect the whole earth. Wash it all!

    2. Interesting article, Michele. I read all through with a smile etched on my face.
      And this right here was a gem: “The first and most important “good luck superstition” that many believe if you follow Our Redonkulous Life on either Instagram or YouTube you will be graced with good luck and motivation all year long”… 🙂

      1. Haha, Seyi! So far you are the only person who caught that!

  3. Interesting!! Well, I love the idea of positive superstition. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. You are very welcome, Nkem.

  4. we did some superstitions too…open wallet o n new years eve same on windows doors..loud music on the entire house to drag away bad jinx…13 kinds of round fruits and of course enjoy our bountiful meal on the new years eve

    1. 13 kinds of round fruit? What superstition is that Kenneth?

  5. I love this because I haven’t heard of many and had so much fun reading it! We eat sour kraut!

    1. I couldn’t do sour kraut. I have never liked it, but if it is going to bring me good juju this year. I will suck it up and eat it.

  6. I agree, 2020 was like … one thing after another. Let’s hope for better 2021

    1. Not looking so good for 2021 either, Mila.

  7. You are right, there are so many other superstitions out there for everyone and every occasion. If you believe or not you don’t have them let win over you. – Paolo

    1. Exactly. If you want to do some do them, if not no biggie. It’s just a fun read then.

  8. I hadn’t heard of some of these. The ones I grew up with were the pork one and eating black-eyed peas, and collard greens on New Years’. Every year, I make the same meal — LOL

    1. I am going to come up with a whole bougie-ass routine for The day before and day of New years eve, and New years day. I am not taking any chances. hahaha

  9. Mayuri Saxena says: Reply

    These are some awesome superstitions for the new year. I am not a superstitious person but I strongly feel that these superstitions are part of our tradition and there is no harm in being a little superstitious. I loved reading this post as I didn’t know about all these superstitions.

  10. Hanging lemons is very new to me. This is the first time learning about this superstition. No matter how many superstitions that we follow, it is still up to us. Happy New Year!

    1. I am not taking any chances and I will up my juju game if I have to. LOL

  11. I was so counting on the new year, however, until now, it is rather disappointing – more lockdowns, stricter rules…that’s not what I was hoping for. Still, there are a couple of days left of 2021, hence, it might get better 😉

    1. Yeah, my magic 8 ball says “outlook not so good”.

  12. Just to add up, my friend shared with me superstitions in their family. You have to fill up your basket with 12 fruits and some essentials at home like salt, sugar, water, etc. So that they will be bountiful the whole year.

    1. I am going to look that up because another comment says a bowl of 12 different kinds of round fruit.

  13. These are great, I’ve never heard the hanging lemons or don’t eat chicken ones before!

    1. I am doomed because I had chicken on New years eve. I DIDNT KNOW! I swear.

  14. There are sooo many fun superstitions out there. Too bad I wasn’t able to do them all during new years eve. Never had anyone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. Rating 12 grapes is a part of our family tradition tho! 1 wish per grape haha

  15. I know a lot of them due to my grandmother but I did not know about hanging lemons. I will share that one with my mother.

  16. I’m reading about this for the first time and I’m wondering where I’ve been all my life. lol. I’ll definitely practice these on the new year’s Eve of 2022.

  17. I had not heard of half of these superstitions! Luckily I had unknowingly completed some of these without knowing, but I wish I had seen this post earlier as I think we could all do with as much luck as possible after last year!

    1. 100% I agree with you! This year is not looking much better and we’re only a week in.

  18. I grew up in the Philippines so we’ve had a lot of New Year’s superstitions. One of the most popular one is that you should jump when the clock turns to 12mn cause it will make you taller lol

    1. I have never heard of that one.

  19. These are great! I come from an Irish family and we’re all about superstitions. I didn’t do laundry on New Year’s Day and opened our doors at midnight to let the bad of last year out.

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