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 Welcome, all! Thanks for checking out Our Redonkulous Life!

I figured the “About Me” would be a more generalized description of what this blog is going to be about. However, the first blog post would be more of a get to know me and my family and why we decided to start “Our Redonkulous Life”. So let’s take it back to the beginning 7 years ago. (Roughly, not going to go through the whole story unless you want to hear it. I think its a great story)

Mike and I representing the New England Patriots
Mike and I

My name is Michele, I live in Florida with my Fiance Mike, my Step-Daughter Mikayla and our 3 cats. Mikayla and I are born and raised Florida crackers, Mike is from Massachusetts. We first met on the site Plenty of Fish in 2012. (shout to POF if you want us to be one of your success stories featured on your website, LOL) We instantly clicked on our first date and we have not been apart since. We instantly became each other’s best friend and are still to this day very much so.

Mike has 2 kids, Mikey, 21, and Mikayla, 10. I, myself do not have kids. Mikey lives up north in Massachusetts and Mikayla is here in Florida. We get Mikayla on the weekends or any other days she doesn’t have school.

How I got started

I have had a blog on and off for years BM (before Mike, LOL). What I wrote was what I thought people wanted to read, not things I wanted to write about. It was time to take it seriously and really write content that could benefit or inspire people. From when I first started my blog however many years ago, my interests/hobbies have changed. 

Growing up is apart of life, I realized I was no longer the 20-something chick who went to karaoke every day of the week. Becoming an adult, I now would rather stay at home with my family. Having karaoke nights with Mikayla or play board games. Spending our time finding cool new spots for us to go to on a Saturday morning. I want to experience everything I didn’t as a child.

The whole point of this blog and why it is called “Our Redonkulous Life” is because we as a family are crazy when we are together. Nothing but laughs and jokes.

Our Mission

We want to be able to tell stories and show people that even though you don’t have a lot of money or time you can have an amazing life. Our life is redonkulous because it’s way more than just ridiculous. It’s downright crazy sometimes. The things Mike and Mikayla want to do makes me question their sanity…lol

We were stuck in a routine for the longest time. Then just one day we decided we didn’t do enough things as a family. We then spent our times finding fun, cheap or free things to do in Florida. Spending our time exploring the state we live in.

We do a lot of research throughout the week to find fun things to do on the weekends. We make it a mission to be outside exploring parks, trails or weird things Florida has to offer. Nothing that includes going to a theme park or may cost us an arm and a leg. We look for springs to swim in, trails to hike, ghost towns or abandoned places. Things that spark joy in our lives and bring us closer together as a family.

Sharing Our Adventures

Rainbow Springs State Park Adventure Our Redonkulous Life
Rainbow Springs

Which is why we also started a YouTube Channel, please check it out and subscribe, We would appreciate it. We wanted to document the fun things we do to bond as a family. It is a way to look back at our adventures.

We as a family decided we want to inspire not only families but every person we spoke to in general. 

What I want in the Future

However, Don t think this blog is just going to be about our adventures, this blog is going to be so much more. In the future, I would love to branch off into other topics such as Becoming a Step-Mother, Our family relationship as well as my relationship with Mike and Finances (just trying to figure it all out). I want to have a little something for everyone. Let me know if that’s something you guys may be interested in?

Withlacoochee State Trail Adventure Our Redonkulous Life
Withlacoochee State Trail

Because being parents is not always about adventures. We also have to think about the budget, disciplining, or checking in with each other. Its a journey, its a struggle its all the things people should be able to talk about and not feel ashamed.

Countless times we were told we were doing it wrong or that Mike and I are just too different and need to break up. Those were things we didn’t want to hear. Because of all that negativity we had experienced, we wanted to create a place where people can discuss anything and not feel ashamed. To seek advice on real-life problems and struggles that WE ALL face on a daily basis.

Lets Be Friends on Facebook

We started the Facebook Group Our Redonkulous Life so everyone could interact with us. We will be active and hope to talk to you. 

Each and every family is different but our end goal is the same balancing work/life and living the best we can with what we have. Let’s encourage each other rather than tear each other down.

I hope you enjoyed my first post. I know its nothing special, but I wanted to make it clear what our intentions are here at Our Redonkulous Life. Please don’t write me off just yet, because we are new. I really hope you will check out our other posts and check out our YouTube Channel.

What is next for Our Redonkulous Life?

Spicy Noodle Challenge
Spicy Noodle Challenge

Well, we have a video coming out on our YouTube Channel doing the Spicy Noodle Challenge with my Nephew Nathan. The Kids had fun recording this. 

Crystal River State Park Adventure Our Redonkulous Life
Crystal River State Park

After that we have another video of us headed to a Florida National Park and got distracted. Spent more time doing something people may find boring, instead of the looking at the Indian Burial grounds. However, it is a memory we will laugh about. 

Thank you again for taking the time to read our blog. I appreciate it. Leave us a comment letting us know something you would like to see in Florida.

Until next time guys, Have a great day!

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