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Welcome to the Our Redonkulous Life Podcast. The Self Improvement podcast that helps you figure out what you want in life and helps you grow to get it.

You can listen to the podcast on Anchor.FM or on YouTube.

I post every Tuesday. Sticking around to go on a self-improvement journey to get the life you want.

Follow along as I go through the steps I took and are taking on my self-improvement journey. I am still on my road to improving myself.

Although, I have only been doing this for a year. While working on myself I found my stride in going after the life I deserve.

Each week the Our Redonkulous Life Podcast will be taking deep dives into where to start, how to start, and go through each aspect of a personal growth journey.

There are 6 different aspects of self-improvement.

Mental – Working on clearing your mind, practicing self-care, and taking getting rid of self-doubt.

Spiritual – Working on your relationship be it with god, a higher being, or whatever you believe in.

Emotional – Working on your heart, get your emotions in check and overcome past traumas.

Physical – Working on moving your body and eating the foods you need to be.

Social – Working on finding the right people to be in your life and dropping toxic relationships. However, we will also be working on social skills, and becoming more confident.

Moral – Working on your compass of good and evil because on who is on the path of self-improvement needs a moral code to live by.

There are a lot of topics in between all those, let’s start talking about it and become the better version of ourselves.