Category: Lifestyle

This is for regular people, not those who live the Pinterest lifestyle.

This is all about the issues we have on a daily basis. Nobody likes cleaning and if they say they do… Run. Something is wrong with them.

Let’s find the motivation to do all the things we don’t like to do… you know like maintenance around the house, cleaning, parenting, being productive and being organized.

Most of all let’s talk about how kids can be little A-holes. I am not afraid to admit it. Between me and my step-daughter’s mother we have raised her to be strong and independent. Which is great, but sometimes it comes and bites us in the ass.

Mikayla questions everything or has a snarky comment about everything. I do it, her mother does it. It just sucks when she pulls that shit on you. Little Brat!

This is our lifestyle, this is how life goes every freaking day!